Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, May 1, 2016

When It's Good Again

I had one of those runs last night. It came totally unexpected, and came at a time I really needed the boost in confidence.
my run selfie
But let me rewind a bit first, back to Friday night: the girls from the office closed the shop a little early and went out on a duffy boat in the Alamitos Bay for a couple of hours.
I was recruited to drive the boat, a prospect that made me really nervous since it wasn't my credit card deposit.
We putted through the Naples canals and had our own mini-happy hour aboard the duffy. We had a great time, the company was SUPER FUN, the scenery was gorgeous and driving the boat ended up being really pretty easy!

I'd love to bring the Puff and do this with her another day. I am not a boat person, I've only been around them enough to know that boating is something entirely out of my realm, but maybe boating is not something that needs to be so intimidating to me. I love being exposed to new things and this was certainly a positive experience.

Back to the awesome run:  
Run buddy Val and I headed out as usual on Saturday at 6am for our run. In the 4 minutes it takes us to drive from my house to the trail, the skies opened up and the rain came down.
I was NOT prepared for rain, and probably more than a little grumpy at that early hour, so I acted like a jerk and guilted Val into skipping the run. We headed to breakfast instead.

I am the world's WORST running partner.
Do I look too Happy about missing the run?
Since we now had all this extra time on our hands we decided to drive 10 miles up the freeway to Le Roy's Diner in Monrovia. Val calls it Leroy's Diner and I have to be a jerk and correct him every time he says Leroy's instead of Le Roy's.

I might be the world's WORST breakfast partner too.
Chorizo burrito for the win. YUM!

After our un-earned breakfast, we "discovered" a running trail along the freeway & went to check it out, the Santa Fe Dam.
We picked one of many dirt trails and just started walking, having no idea where we'd end up. We almost stripped off our clothes to create an episode of Naked & Afraid.
We found the dam:
And the "river" that's dammed. Hahaha...Did you know California is in a drought?
We ended up walking 4 miles exploring this trail and decided we'll be running here soon (after we're back from Toronto next weekend). I think Val forgave me after the 4 mile walk.

I got home and spent the entire day Saturday napping and binge watching Alaskan Bush People (and napping some more) until I finally headed out to run about 7:30pm. Just as the sun was setting.

The first update from my Runkeeper app (5 minutes in) gave me a pace that was a little faster than I usually go. I thought it was just adrenaline that had me going, but the 2nd and 3rd updates were still at this faster pace and I felt goooood!
My pace dipped into the 11:00/mi!! I haven't seen that in a looooong time!

I wanted to keep going after finishing up the loop back at home, but I'd gotten caught out in the dark without a head lamp or reflective vest, so I thought better of it and stayed home instead.
Caught in the dark & carrying my pepper spray. 

I really hope this is a sign of things to come. At the same time I'm fully aware that only I have control of that outcome.

This week will be a total blur as I'm heading into a busy work load at the office while getting ready for a whirlwind baseball weekend (3 cities, 3 games, 3 days) away and also nailing down last minute arrangements for the Puff while I'm gone.

Weeks like this one coming up remind me that I'm no spring chicken...and what the h*ll was I thinking?


  1. I live in Alaska but have only ever seen about five minutes of Alaska Bush People. :)

    Hooray for a confidence boosting run and feeling in the zone! Perhaps it was the chorizo that powered it? I'm wishing you lots of energy to get through your busy week ahead!

    1. Haha, maybe so! We had "Powered by Frijoles" on our Ragnar van one year. :)

  2. I love it when the pace of a run kind of dictates itself and takes YOU along for the ride. My race was like that this weekend...I knew I was in condition to do well, but whenever I go into a race "confident," I usually get humbled from over-doing it.

    1. What a great way to put it..that Run certainly did take me along. So true that running will bring out whatever flaw was in your program & put you on blast.

  3. I can't believe you were able to talk Val out of a run! I offered ice cream, coffee, I even offered to make dinner, but he wouldn't budge! he made me run 2 miles! and to top it off, I couldn't even talk him into Dairy Queen after! He is back to evil running dictator!

    That burrito looks so delicious!

    I'm glad you had a good run! Cheers to more good runs to come!

    1. Sometimes I think it would be better to have someone so dedicated! Someone has to be the responsible one, right? Val and I are like a married couple that both spend too much money. That never ends well! Lol!