Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Break Day 2 Devils's Tower

We were a bit sad to leave Boulder, but we had a ton of driving ahead of us.

This trip was supposed to be a quick in n out to South Dakota and back. But after looking at all our options it seemed like this was a lot of effort to just see Mt. Rushmore (by all reviews Mt Rushmore would not require a lot of time) so i added and subtracted POI's until settling on Devil's Tower and the Badlands National Park.

Once we left Boulder the next 6 hours looked like this:

And like this:

And some exciting moments of passing cars on the opposite lane of traffic.

A brief stop in Cheyenne, because my mom wanted to see cowboys (we didn't see any).

And then we finally saw Devils Tower, from several miles away. After all those hours of driving through not too interesting terrain, seeing the Tower was a huge relief!

It's beautiful from far away.

We were able to drive literally right up to the tower and hike a 1.3 mile trail all the way around it. Every few feet, the view of the Tower was completely different.

Native Americans consider the tower a sacred place & leave prayer cloths and prayer bundles tied to the trees around the tower.

The view of Wyoming from the base of the tower. Imagine a time in early American history when these valleys would have been filled with roaming bison before they were hunted to near extinction.

Mom and the Puff walking around the Tower. It was chilly for us thin-skinned So Cal girls.

From Devil's Tower it was another 2+hours to Keystone, SD. The scenery was a ton more stimulating on this leg of the trip.

We drove over to Mt. Rushmore to get a sneak peak before our official visit. Tomorrow morning we'll do the museum & whatever else is there to do.

The town feels like a ghost town. There is nobody here and nothing is open. Ohhh and it's freezing cold here.

Our hotel decor is hilarious:

We spent the evening in the pool. All those people who were not hanging out in town are at our hotel enjoying the pool with us.

Another night early to bed. I'm totally exhausted for some reason. Maybe from all the driving?

Tomorrow, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands & back to CO.

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Location:Keystone, SD

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