Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, February 12, 2016

Looking Forward to Valentine's Day

Still plugging away at this running stuff. Yesterday I ran a mile to the gym, did a few yasso's on the treadmill and ran back to work, for a total of 4 miles, about a 12:30 minute pace. Really that's not that bad (for me). 
I just hate that running is so hard. I'm always seeing other runners just gliding over the sidewalk all gazelle-like and I am clumsily lumbering along all clod-like. Gaaaaaaah. 
 Afterwards, I had to run out to pick up Valentine's day goodies for the Puff! She made me one proud mama when she suggested that she should bring CUTIES to her class's Valentine's Day exchange! Wow, that is so perfect, cuz THERE'S NO TRASH!!! The kid is brilliant.
I picked up 33 cuties for her to give to each classmate. She will undoubtedly bring home a enormous bag full of candy trash, but that's a problem for another day. 

This is my valentine right here. 
 And pizza too, sometimes. Too many times. 

But most of all, I'm looking forward to this for Valentines Day: 

Tomorrow is our first 5K of the year, Big 5K at Dodger Stadium. I'm excited about the race and even more excited to be at Dodger Stadium again! I'm gonna take LOTS of pictures!! 

Have a LOVE-ly Valentine's Weekend!


  1. Happy Valentine's day! Your daughter is very smart! cuties are environmentally friendly and healthy! I'm sure many parents will thank you!

    Have an awesome 5K!!