Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Highlights

My Saturday morning started out with a pancake fundraiser breakfast at church. The Boy Scouts did an amazing job feeding us. We brought our own cups/plates/utensils to avoid using the disposables that are ubiquitous at food gatherings at church. 
After breakfast I had to head out to a community event for work. Working on Saturday is not ideal, but BD had the Puff for the day so it wasn't too bad. And the reason this detail made the highlight reel is because I met my CA state senator.
Meeting him (Tony Ramirez) was not the actual highlight though. The highlight was that after he left, we had a conversation about our local government and realized we didn't know who our state reps were, or how our local government was set up, so we sat there & Googled the info and now we know. And learning something new (that I should've known anyway) was a highlight for me. 

After work, I met my dad for lunch. This Mexican does not eat Mexican food out very often, but I will always do it when my dad is choosing the restaurant. He knows all those little places where the food is authentic and cheap. Horchata and a plate of Enfrijoladas for the win. 

 Sunday, we had a late start at church so I went out for the run that should've (don't you hate when people say 'should of') happened on Saturday. Any time I can run more than 4 miles makes me really happy. 6 miles at 12:48 today.
The temps in So Cal this week are super warm-low 70's--during the day but dip down into the low 40's overnight. Getting out to run at 5am in 40-degree weather is really hard when your skin is used to 70 degree temps again. I just realized that I'm b*tching about temps in the 70's while the eastern seaboard is being pummeled with snow. Nice.  

I ordered a cheese omelet for post-run breakfast today. It is now my new favorite. Thank the gods for running friends who don't let you down. I have one. I wish I was one.

 When I got home I was greeted with this scene.
I love it when these two play together. Legos and cousins are forever.

 Later Sunday afternoon the Puff asked me to make popcorn. We make popcorn the old fashioned way, on the stove top from kernels purchased from bulk bins. There's no trash this way. 
I love that in her world popcorn does not come from a packet that you throw into microwave for 3 minutes.

And the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in my book: marathon TV. Today I got all caught up on the episodes of Top Chef that I've missed. I'm really loving this season!

What were the highlights of your weekend? 


  1. First, I need to make a mental not to NOT read your post before lunch, while I'm hungry !! Those Enfrijoladas look super yummy! When I was little my mom used to make us Tacos dorados de frijoles and I hated them! but all of the sudden I started craving them the other day.

    I love how environmental conscious you are! Fresh homemade popcorn is delicious! and it tastes like home!

    So totally jealous of your weather! we were in the path of destruction for the snow storm, schools are still closed here in PA, and we had to postpone our long run, because there is snow EVERYWHERE!

    Weekend highlights were that there were no major meltdowns while staying inside ALL DAY Saturday because of the blizzard! and that counts as a win!