Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Last Run of 2015

The last run of 2015 started out bright but not-so-early. I had 4 miles With Strides on the schedule today and I wasn't very enthusiastic about another speedwork run. I wanted the RunKeeper trainer app to instead say "Today, you can go as far and as slow as you want." 
Maybe I can write to someone at RunKeeper to add in that kind of run. 

Naturally, at the end of it all, I was feeling hugely accomplished. Way to go, ME. 
I felt something pulling up and down my right leg during my strides. I think it felt like what I've read others say about piriformis or maybe sciatica pain? I hope it's nothing at all but I'm going to stop in to the chiropractor as soon as possible (ASAP=not til next Wednesday but I don't have time to go in any sooner). 

When I got home I made sure to stretch in every position I have ever been taught to make sure I stretched out that sciatica/pf thing. 
 After stretching and showering I treated myself to a leisurely breakfast of soyrizo & egg tacos. I looooove chorizo & eggs, but the calories are super high and completely unnecessary. Soyrizo tastes better, and has a fraction of the calories.
Speaking of calories, this is exactly why I absolutely hate counting them. I spilled some of the almond milk I'd measured out for my protein shake onto the counter today. I totally resent having to count the entire serving of almond milk when I obviously didn't consume the part that spilled. 
I hate to be cheated out of calories. 

After breakfast the Puff and I went to the post office to mail her Christmas Thank You cards. Been to the post office lately? Me either. It was an absolute delight! Speedy service and friendly postal employees. I can imagine it must've been horrendous just a week ago but today it was great. 
Huh...I don't have a lot of confidence that she will spend it "wis-ley". 

After we got home, I got ready to head out for the NYE festivities while the Puff got picked up by her dad. I love it when plans work out perfectly for both of us.

I joined my girlfriends in Long Beach for a night of dinner and dancing and general mischief and mayhem.
 Dinner at the Fish House. We started with oysters on the half shell. Delicious.
I was going to order the lobster but changed my mind at the last minute and ordered scallops instead. My scallops were scrumptious but my friend SZ ordered lobster and now all I can think about is when I can go out to dinner again and get lobster. 

Dessert was easy though: can't go wrong with triple chocolate cake. Nope chocolate cake is never ever a bad move 

After dinner we braved the cold because we had tickets to see ZZ Ward at the New Year's party! I heard ZZ Ward's music very recently through my other friend SG  and love love loved it. It was serendipity that ZZ was going to be in town for NYE. SCORE!!! 
 She is such an soulful singer--maybe like Amy Winehouse-ish?--and her songs TOTALLY speak to me!!

Being footloose and fancy free went straight to our heads last night (we're all single moms). After ZZ Ward, we hung around the festival and danced the night away with complete strangers and had a blast.
Even though we had a heck of a time finding a cab ride home at 3am, it was totally worth it. 

 This morning, waking up was a little rough, but the Puff and I drove to San Diego to spend the day with my sister.
 We spent the 1st day of 2016 lazing around watching movies, eating brunch food and exploring the ravine behind her house.
 Later on,  I think everybody she knew came over for a casual get together. It was fun to meet her social network. I don't really know her friends/coworkers/etc since we live so far apart from each other.

And finally heading home, my co-pilot crashed out in the backseat leaving me to do all the heavy lifting driving by myself.

Ahhh, well. Soon enough she'll be old enough to drive and will be chauffeuring me around while I sit like Miss Daisy in the backseat pointing out everything she's doing wrong. Poor kid.



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful and fun new year!

  2. Mmm triple chocolate cake! Looks like you rang in the new year having a much more festive night than I did. Adam and I ended up staying in and just listening to the fireworks going on outside :) Happy New Year!

    I hope that whatever you felt during your last run turns out to be general tightness and nothing big! Keep us updated!

  3. I really want that cake now, and lobster! Not at the same time though :) Sounds like you had a fun New Years!

  4. I'm sorry, but I lost all attention after the Soyrizo!! what?!!! I love chorizo! and Egg and Chorizo tacos! will HAVE to find the soyrizo!