Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Progress Not Perfection

With my sciatica making itself known, I've had to scale back on my runs this week. For that reason I've had some time to revisit some of the classics: 
The Big Lebowski
 Did you know there is a Lebowski Fest once a year all around the country? I did not know that. #iwanttogo #getalife #dude

After a few sessions with my awesome chiropractor, Dr. Holland, I finally ventured out again to run the Greenway Trail after work yesterday. I must have a memory like a sieve because for some reason I was SHOCKED at how quickly the sun went down at 5:30pm. It was SO DARK I couldn't even see my own two feet in front of me except when I was passing a building that still had their lights on.
It's a good thing I hardly pick up my feet when I run, or I could've had a pretty gnarly fall.  The Sciatica hurt a bit during the run but it wasn't totally uncomfortable until I was done. Then it hurt like a mother. I can live with that. I was just glad to be able to log some miles.

Slowly, oh so very slowly, chipping away at my 2016 goal of running 500 miles. I'm not completely panicked about whether I'll be able to accomplish it just yet. If I'm doing the math correctly, I have a couple of Bye weeks to fall back on so I should be ok in the end. Famous last words.

My non running goal of making less trash is progressing but far from perfect. The other day, BD and the Puff and I went out for Sushi. 
 I remembered to bring my own cup and napkin to the restaurant--yay!!--because our local sushi dive uses Styrofoam cups and paper napkins. I forgot to bring my own chopsticks--fail!--and then also forgot that this place uses that weird plastic grass on their plates which I should have asked them to leave off.
The plastic grass just kills me, ugh. Progress not perfection. 

And also, since I haven't been running,we've had time to venture out and try something we hadn't done before: Out of the blue, the Puff and I were invited to volunteer at a Lutheran school to pack food for children in Haiti. 

I want to add this to my goals for 2016 (is it too late?): Volunteer More! Maybe once a month? 

The Puff and I had a great time. I thought she might be too young to connect the dots between the bags of food we were packing and the malnourished children who desperately need it, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by her understanding. The Puff is a little Humanitarian! Who knew? She gets that from her mom, no doubt. ;)

How are your 2016 goals coming along? 


  1. I love your goals of volunteering more and creating less trash!

  2. I love your goals of volunteering more and creating less trash!