Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Graffiti, Goals and Getting adjusted

One of my (bored) coworkers targeted my Runner's World calendar during the holidays when things around the office were slow. When I got back to work it took me a couple of days to notice her handiwork: 
Bah. Now I have to think of something equally clever but inconspicuous in retaliation. When it gets to this point, you'll know how it all started: 

Saturday I was still feeling the sciatica pain. So much pain that it was causing me to limp. My run buddy showed up for our usual early am run, but when we got to the trail head he performed a Vulcan mind meld and abruptly said: "It's too cold to run! Let's go have breakfast." So we did:
Since I hadn't earned my french toast I didn't order any. I happily gobbled up a piping hot bowl of cream of wheat instead  and swiped a couple of TATER TOTS from Val's plate. 
By Monday I had no choice but to go in and see the Chiropractor. He confirmed the sciatica but said I could try to run on it if I wanted to. 
Tuesday while the Puff was at her church activity, I went out for a couple of miles. 
I would have run a few more, but I didn't want to push my luck
My Running Goal for 2016 is to run 500 miles. It is actually Val's goal but I copied him and he said I could. 10 miles a week seems do-able (for me). It will still motivate me to run a bit even in those weeks that I don't want to. And if I have to, I can catch up in other weeks when I have more motivation. 
Today I went in for chiropractic visit #2 for the week. I'll be seeing Dr. Holland 2x a week for a few weeks until this sciatica thing is a distant memory. I absolutely love my chiropractor! 

The best part about Dr. Holland's office is this giant bowl of granola bars, fruit snacks, cheez-its, goldfish etc that is always in the waiting area. You can have as many as you want to and nobody ever says anything! 
I didn't have any of these snacks this week though because my Non-Running Goal this year is to reduce my output of trash ("recyclable" or no).  If I'd taken one of the above treats I would have had a wrapper to throw away. Boo.

I've been trying to reduce my trash for a couple of years now, but the 2nd half of 2015 I was really dropping the ball. A typical trip to the grocery store means that I bring my own bags (for produce and bulk bin food), I purchase milk in returnable glass bottles and I ask the deli and meat counters to pack my purchases in my own tins instead of the styrofoam and plastic wrap they usually use. 
It really isn't that difficult, and I had no excuse for getting out of the habit of shopping this way in 2015. 

The hardest part is having to say no to free granola bars, especially when you haven't had breakfast! 

2016, I'm ready for you!! 

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  1. I think the notes on the calendar are kind of funny!! Now it's personalized for you!