Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thankful for the Cold Weather and the Endorphins

Woke up to a world covered in Frost this morning with temps now into the 30's. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a for-real Winter in So Cal! Every time I want to complain about the cold temps I remember how unrelenting this past summer's heat was and that stops me every time. Thank the gods for the cold and the rain.
Today I took the usual route across the railroad tracks, same as always. Except today the mirror I usually take a selfie in was frosted over.
 And my turnaround point signal light looked like a car had recently wrapped itself around it. Yikes. RIP, friend. 
The more I'm out running on these mean streets the more I become aware that it's pretty dangerous. Besides stray dogs and muggers coming after me I'm now having to watch for cars driving up onto the sidewalk. Is there a pepper spray for that? 

The run on schedule for today was a 3 mile slow jog plus 3 times strides. Strides for me means that at the end of 3 miles I have to run at 95% effort for 20 seconds and then "recover" with 2 minute jogs. I do that 3 times. I loved it. Especially because this is the stuff that makes me faster. 
 I don't usually post these kinds of close up mirror selfies (I love that others do it, but I'm not comfortable doing it) but today I was hyper aware of the effect this run's endorphins was having on me. I look into my bedroom mirror every single day, several times a day. And every day I pick apart everything that is wrong with my body shape. I literally criticized everything about me before I left for my run this morning. 
After my run I was back in front of the same mirror and all I could think was: "THIS body was strong enough to carry you  more than 3 miles today. Thank you, legs, feet, arms, body for taking me on this great run today." It was like my eyes couldn't even register the flaws. Endorphins are incredible. 

And thank the gods again for the cold weather that calls for me to have awesome udon house soup today for lunch! I'd call it home-made soup but since I have no idea how to make Udon soup, I can't claim the authenticity that the words "home-made" connote.  I literally just threw a bunch of stuff in a bowl and called it Udon. I hope I'm not offending anybody's heritage.
 My sister brought me the noodles after she decided she didn't like them. I used beef broth and simmered in it straw mushrooms, baby corn, roasted seaweed strips, bamboo shoots and firm tofu. After adding the flavor packet it tasted really good! Served scorching hot and burned the roof of my mouth to get that authentic sushi house experience!

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