Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Few of our Favorite Things and One of our Least Favorite Things

I've really been slacking with my training this month. It really is so much harder to get out of bed when the weather is cold and Baby, it's finally gotten COLD outside around here. We're finally into the 40's! 

Since I took the day off of work yesterday, I was able to drag my lazy butt out of bed at the crack of 8:30 am to get out to run. It was still chilly but not too bad.
There was tons of traffic out at this hour, I inhaled car exhaust for the entire run. (Like running isn't hard enough, right?)
The run wasn't easy for me, but it felt great being out there. #noregrets

I went home and did all the post-run stuff you're supposed to do: stretched, showered & ate protein. I felt like a champ. 
The Puff and I got dressed and headed out for a fun day with all her best girlfriends!! Woot woot! 
OMG, when she's in high school I'm going to be that creepy Mom from Mean Girls

We drove downtown to Pershing Square to do a little ice skating in the middle of LA. This has become a kind of tradition for us, and we're getting better at it every year! 

After ice skating we braved the throngs of homeless people on LA sidewalks and walked ourselves over to a little NY-style pizza place for lunch. 
$2.00 / slice. These girls are a cheap date. 

We took a detour through the LA Biltmore Hotel  for a potty break and took advantage of the beautiful decor to snap a picture. 
Stopped into Starbucks for a warm-up for the drive home. The Hot Caramel Apple Spice is the MOST delicious thing ever. It's like drinking a caramel apple.
And then, once we'd returned to the 'burbs we stopped into the Mall for the last gift I had left to buy. Christmas shopping is all done!  
We ended the day in the best way possible: Yogurtland.
Wonder what the choice of yogurt & toppings says about a person? 

Finally, this morning I had to go ahead and face the thing I'd been trying to ignore for way too long: the scale. I can't wait until January 1st to begin to rein in my eating. I am way out of control this season, even more so than in years past.
I honestly felt like I was 15 pounds heavier this season than last but in an effort to control my wild pessimism I actually looked up the last time I weighed myself. In reality i'm only 4 pounds heavier than my last weigh in back in May or something. Not bad. Not good either but I for sure thought it was much worse. The first step is admitting you have a problem... Time for step 2! 

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