Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday Night's Alright for Running

The past few days have just flown by. That tends to happen this time of year, doesn't it?

The days are literally hot and cold around here. Cold enough though that we were totally into eating Udon several times this week. It's so comforting & filling.
Friday night I was out until past my bedtime working super late helping a friend with her charity fundraiser dinner. My job was to walk around the ball room pushing raffle tickets and to be available to take money from people. I bought some tickets myself ($40 for 50 tickets) put them all into one box and I won this Ted Baker purse & matching wallet! I'm not sure whether I'll keep the purse or resell it on eBay, but for $40 this was the deal of the season. 
Saturday morning I had to text my run buddy Val (at 4:45am) that I wasn't going to make it for our regular run. I had 7 miles on the schedule but after being on my feet all night the night before, and with flo coming early, I just couldn't move. Luckily he was understanding about it but I know better than to try that move again anytime soon lest I lose this running pal. #flake

I had to work on Saturday morning too at a community event, which was another reason I wanted to sleep in a couple extra hours. Working on Saturday blows. As a single mom, I hate being away from my kid more than absolutely necessary. But the Puff was with her dad, so it wasn't like I was missing out on time with her anyway. I sure did miss my TV all day.
 Later on that day, I had run through my entire list of excuses for skipping a run and finally gave up on that, got my run gear on and went out for a late night run. On a Saturday night. It felt SO odd to be out running when other people are out being "out". I was totally self conscious!! Have I never run on a Saturday night before now? I just felt like a big nerd the entire time. #runnerd
 6 miles total. I kept having to stop and walk because I was having TERRIBLE reflux. It was soooo gross... and painful. That's never happened to me before but I also don't usually run right after sitting around eating all day. Ugh. Lesson learned.
I've put away most of our warm weather stuff now in hopes that the temps are going to stay cold around here and get colder. I think I may have pulled the trigger too early on the flannel sheets though because it's still warm enough to crave a trip to Yogurtland.
 Which is exactly what we did today after Church. I'm eating pumpkin flavor everything until it's gone for the season. It was a tough decision because the new bananas foster flavor was incredible. Chocolate with chocolate and chocolate on top for the Puff. Every time.

 Major fail on using plastic spoons from Yogurtland. I usually bring my own reusables but I'd forgotten to put them back in the car the last time we used them. Gotta work on being better about that.

Our NY trip is coming up this week. Hooooray! We are excited but mom is having a little bit of anxiety about traveling alone with the Puff. I have some logistical concerns since we're starting our trip upstate and then traveling down to NYC. I will be spending the next few days checking and re-checking my lists! I hope to squeeze a few runs in too before we go! 

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