Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, November 20, 2015

NY Trip Day 1 LAX->ORD->BUF->Palmyra

We flew a redeye out of LAX to Buffalo with a 2 hour layover in Chicago. Just my luck that the people sitting in the row in front of us stayed up drinking and talking so loudly all night I couldn't sleep. Not even with earplugs in. 
Ready for some Zzzzz's.

Breakfast at 3am (for us) in O'Hare. It was 5am local time. 
I was bleary eyed and exhausted when We finally landed in Buffalo at 10am. And it looked cold outside from our window: 
The Buffalo airport had these rocking chairs all over the place. So cute! 
We picked up our rental car and drove straight to Niagara Falls. There we walked out to a couple of the lookout points and snapped a few obligatory pics. 
 It was even colder here...and wet. Brrrrrr
 And then there were scenes like this that just took our breath away! 

There was a ton of other things to do at the Falls that we didn't have time for (walking behind the falls, the boat tour etc), but we really only wanted to see the falls to know that we've seen them. We kinda did the same thing at the Grand Canyon. Do you see it? Got enough? Good! 
Bonus: The Puff made a new friend at Niagara State Park, a little black squirrel. We'd never seen a black squirrel before.  
Once Niagara was checked off our list, it was time to go. But first, we had a must-stop for lunch to eat Buffalo wings! We drove back down to Buffalo to eat at the place that invented the buffalo wings, Anchor Bar. They were really good!

From there we drove almost 3 hours to Palmyra NY to visit our mecca, the LDS historical sites. When we initially planned this Manhattan trip, neither Palmyra nor Niagara was on the original itinerary but I felt compelled to add them in. Even though I was exhausted, the drive from Buffalo to Palmyra was so lovely! Bucolic. Farms dotting the landscape all along the way. I could live here. 

We checked into our Palmyra hotel and drove over to the Hill Cumorah. 
I wasn’t sure how much time to allot to seeing the LDS historical sites, so after visiting Hill Cumorah the missionaries in the visitor center there  helped us plan the rest of our Palmyra visit for tomorrow. 

Pizza (what else?) for dinner from one of the two pizza places in town. The Puff is determined to eat Pizza every day in New York. 
Then early to bed. we're I'm pretty worn out from the cold weather, navigating highways and streets I'm not familiar with, & operating a vehicle on no sleep. Tomorrow we will be finished with Palmyra and then drive 5+ hours into Manhattan. 

Today was a great start to our NY vacation!

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