Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, November 21, 2015

NY Day 2 Palmyra -> NYC

I laid in bed going over a laundry list of very good reasons to skip my run today. Really good reasons, I promise. About a half an hour later, I finally dragged myself and my poor kid out of bed and went down to the fitness room to get in my 3rd run of the week. My third run of the week to fulfill my Pile on the Miles commitment for the week. #kickingass
While I was still in bed I had firmly decided I would only do 2 miles, just enough to call it a run for POTM. But once I was warmed up I TOALLY got that runner's high (!!!!!) and ended up doing 5 miles. It felt FANTASTIC. And speedy too! This treadmill loved me, and I loved it. I really could have done a couple more miles, but I felt bad for the Puff who was about to run out of juice on that laptop and start bothering me any second now. 

My run took so long that after we showered & changed we ended up missing the hotel's complimentary continental breakfast.  We we had to drive out in search of food, which we weren't all that sad about cuz we had seen the hotel's spread....blech. #beigefood
We wound up at the Yellow Mills Diner at the edge of town and it felt like the entire village of Palmyra was out eating breakfast too! Perfect! I love it when I can "do like the locals" when I'm traveling. It happened to be the first day of hunting season and so everybody was wearing camo.
After breakfast we hit the other LDS historical sites we'd come out to see. We visited the Book of Mormon print shop, the Smith log house and the Sacred Grove. All three places were much more than I expected. It was so cool to be there in person, I can't even put it into words. Maybe after I have more time to reflect I'll be able to describe what a privilege it was to be there.
From Palmyra we got ourselves roadtrip ready (snacks, drinks & potty) and headed East and then South for a 350 mile drive to Manhattan. Somewhere in New Jersey I got pulled over by the state trooper who was SOOOO DANG CUTE and young, the cougar in me came out and I could barely keep myself from flirting with him. He took his job very seriously though and so wasn't having any of my nonsense. I was too smitten to be insulted, lol. He let me off with only a warning so maybe my charms worked a little bit?
Traffic was fine for almost all of the 5 hour drive, until we got closer to NY. And then it was horrible. 
We finally made it into the City and to our Airbnb on 75th and Lexington on the Upper East Side. 
My girl friend and her daughter had flown in to JFK from Long Beach and were meeting up with us in Manhattan. We were excited to see them and to start the second half of our trip: NYC! 
I think I'm mostly adjusted to the time difference now but we have some early morning things planned this week so we'll see how it goes! 

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