Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, November 19, 2015

But Before We Go

I feel like I'm the last one to the Packing Cube party. Better late than never though! These babys are ahhh-mazing! I stuffed most of our clothes for the next 6 days into these 3 cubes and wished I had about 5 more. As long as you can remember what you packed and in which cube, they keep everything really compact & organized. 
I'm still keeping up with my Pile On the Miles POTM running goals for November, which has surprised the heck out of me! My alarm went off way too early today. Since the Puff and I will be on a redeye to NYC tonight I really wanted to spend as much time as I could sleeping horizontally in my warm comfy bed. But POTM beckoned so I begrudgingly got out of bed this morning at the a$$crack of dawn to get 3 miles done.
RunKeeper wanted 5 miles today but 3 is better than none, so there it is. I was actually even pleased with my pace today, 12:35! I would really love to see 11 minute miles soon and I know I can get there. All it takes is time and hard work... easy peasy.

Just before Mile 1 my good friend The Train came by to give me a little rest. It's been a while since I've had a train break while out on my morning run. Unfortunately The Train came to a complete stop, blocking all the morning traffic and more importantly, ME. I stood there so long waiting I got cold again. I gave up waiting for The Train to pass, changed directions and ran a whole new route this morning, which I liked! 
I worked a half day today and then went straight home to finish packing. BD brought the Puff home from school, we ate dinner, and left for the airport 3 hours early. 
 Traffic was really bad, which I didn't expect. We are flying back home again next Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I'm thinking we should leave for the airport 6 hours early that day.
And now we're sitting here at the airport waiting to take off. 


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