Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Accountability Could Work

It's week two of November's Pile on the Miles challenge and it's going well so far! I was out the door at 5:30am even after staying up late to watch Dead and Dead Live. Oh my gosh I can hardly stand not knowing about Glenn...I can't imagine how Maggie is holding up.
I'm back up to running 13:00+ minute miles which is a little bit frustrating. Like I can only run a 12:00 or faster pace when I'm with someone else who is running at that pace. I just can't seem to will myself to push harder. Hmmm... I'm gonna keep an eye on this and see where I am in a few weeks. 

Post run was the usual Strawberries & Creme Muscle Milk with almond milk and half a banana. Poured into a mason jar and sipped through my reusable glass straw . (My zero-waste efforts have been  a little lacking lately but every little bit helps! #notrash). It's amazing how Muscle Milk will keep me pretty full for a long time. It totally helps me to make better food choices.
And on the other side of that coin: Super exciting news!!! A new doughnut (I wanted to type donut but spell check keeps calling me out) shop opened up in our neighborhood right along our drive to school! It's like they knew exactly where we needed it to be!! There really is a divine higher power. #fatgirlproblems
After a relatively warm weekend, it really feels like fall is finally here. The Puff is wearing actual PANTS to school now and I'm wearing my cute boots to work! For dinner I ate a sweet potato with steaming-hot homemade chili beans poured over the top and it actually hit the spot. The mere thought of chili beans would have killed my appetite two weeks ago.
The Puff and I have a trip to NYC coming up in a couple of weeks. Since we are totally bundling up in our So Cal 50° weather I'm not quite sure how we will survive a week in NY. We need some thicker skin! 

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