Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Killing two birds with one run

With school starting so early in August for the Puff, I feel like she gets short-changed in the summer vacation department. This weekend I made plans for us to have a mini getaway to San Diego. 
We haven't been down to SD since our Hot Chocolate run in March.

On the way down, our first stop was 60 miles south to the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. I hadn't been here since I was a little kid and I remember how much my mom loved it. I thought I'd relive that childhood memory with the Puff. 
Well, it was a nice thought but unfortunately it was super hot & humid. The entire day we just wilted out under the hot sun and moved through the humidity like we were swimming in molasses. 

The mission had crafts for kids like arrowhead necklace beading, adobe brick making and panning for gold (which they didn't have when I was a kid). 
While we were there the memories of my own visit 30+ years ago came flooding back: And the reality was that I remember it being a super boring old church, that my mom really had a great time, that I couldn't figure out why she liked it so much, and that I still don't know the answer. It might just be one of those cultural experiences that are beyond my level of enlightenment. It wouldn't be the first! 

We toured the grounds and hit all the important numbered exhibits. At the end of our visit I asked the Puff if she learned anything and I got the usual "Not Really." Sigh. This kid...  
We drove on to my sister's for dinner & to spend the night. In the morning we got up & went to Legoland!
Legoland has been haunting me since I gave birth to the Puff. I knew I would eventually have to drag myself there and fork over a small fortune so that my kid could not claim she'd ever been deprived. #firstworldproblems Luckily I had an awesome friend who gave me a couple of tickets and had a couple extra for my girlfriend and her daughters. 
Legoland was exactly what I'd thought it would be. A place for very very small children. I think the Puff's window has already been shut to Legoland. She's nine. We found a couple of rides that weren't too baby-ish and she appeased me by letting me take her picture on them.
The rocks were singing We Will Rock You. haha
Legoland was super clean, neat and friendly. It was well-tended almost like Disneyland but not in that weird manic Disney-sanitized kind of way. It was just normal-clean. The employees were friendly but not in that weird "Castmembers" kind of way like at D-land. And surprisingly, we weren't bombarded with all the Please Exit Through the Gift Shop nonsense (like at Disneyland).

After the baby rides, we spent the rest of our entire day at the Legoland Waterpark, which was perfect on such a hot day. If' I'd actually paid the full price of admission, which by the way is $100, I would have been pretty upset to waste the day at just the water park. But really there wasn't much more for these 9 & 10 year olds to do here.

The Park closed at 6pm and the Puff and I drove back home. It really was a great weekend, no matter how cynical I try to sound about it.

And on the running front, today I decided to keep the run indoors. My excuse was that it was too hot to run outside. Really it was too hot to run inside too, but I've recently picked back up on my House of Cards binge watching and the treadmill helped me to kill two birds with one run today.

The other exciting development on my run today was that for the first time ever, I decided to run completely BAREFOOT! Initially it was because I was too lazy to go out to my car to get my running shoes but also because I've been wanting to try this for the longest time--ever since reading Born to Run several years ago.

The treadmill belt actually got too hot to run on it barefoot for very long. I had to keep stopping & starting. I finished just over 3 miles and felt great about it.

I'm not brave enough to attempt to run barefoot out in the real world yet because...well, EWWWWW.
But I thought this was a great toe-dip into the barefoot running water!

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