Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

THICK as molasses!

We're having a Midwest-style humidity spell over here. And a heat wave too. Do those normally go hand in hand? Can you have one without the other? I'm not sure since I was born in raised in TEMPERATE SoCal. This humidity stuff is for the birds! Or the South? I don't know....but ICK!! 
Despite the severe weather conditions, I made up my mind to join the local run group for a run. I got home from work around 5:30 pm, decided to "rest" my eyes for only a few minutes but then promptly woke up just in time to be late to run group. 

Luckily, this run group is on Mexican Standard Time and the 6:30pm meet-up time actually meant we would start at 7pm. So in that respect, I was early!
There were 3 groups last night. The 8:30/pace, 11:30 pace and 15:00 run/walk. I joined the 11:30 pace group and hoped I could keep up. 

We initially set out to do 3 miles. I know they said we were doing 3 miles because I prepared myself mentally for THREE miles. 
I fell into formation with my pace group just like I was used to doing with the Road Runners. This time, instead of my partner being a cute Cuban blonde, instead she was an adorable brindle Pit! One of the group member's dogs (the dog's name is Ellie) fell into place alongside me and we ran together for almost the entire run. That was fun!

Around mile 2,  I questioned the pace leader about his late turnaround point. He calmly responded that we were actually doing FOUR miles today and not three as I'd thought I'd heard. Dang it. I was only prepared for 3. But since there was no mutiny from the rest of the group, I sighed and soldiered on. Four miles RUN AND DONE. Hooray! 
I honestly complain a lot while I'm running and for no good reason. I was so happy to have finished 4 miles because 4 feels like a "real" run to me. Three miles feels like a cop-out. To me. (Sometimes, though,  I have to tell myself I'm only going to do two miles in order to get myself out the door for a run. Of course, once I get started I almost always go longer than 2.)
After the run we stretched as a group, which I really appreciate because otherwise I'd just go home and forget about stretching.

And here's proof that the weather was a total BEAST yesterday. It was 87 degrees at 8pm and raining! What is that all about?

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