Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, July 6, 2015

There's a moral to this story

The Puff is falling asleep in the car on the way to day camp and on the way home again. This is what our morning drive looks like almost every morning:
On the one hand GREAT!!! the camp is keeping her so busy I have not heard her whine once about being bored. They are going to all the places that parents are obligated to take their kids to--so now I don't actually have to go there myself (I'm talking about you, Natural History Museum!).

But on the other hand a part of me feels like summer is supposed to be the time kids have idle hours upon hours to get really bored and wish for school to start back up again.

Last Thursday, I wanted to run 2 easy miles just to get in 3 runs this week. When I went to pick up the Puff after work the summer camp bus was late bringing the kids home from the Santa Monica Pier/Pacific Park Rides field trip.
Instead of doing those miles at home I ventured  across the street into an unknown park to get my run in.
It would have been just fine, a nice park really, if not for the homeless people I had to practically squeeze by and hurdle over along the path. I literally did have to jump over some guy's stuff who was taking up an entire step on the stairwell.
On my way back I also happened upon a new-to-me farmer's market with an EGG VENDOR. Always handy to know where these guys set up. Around here egg vendors are harder to find.

I ended up doing 2 pretty slow miles that I would like to blame on the humidity but in reality was probably just my usual slow self.
There is a moral to this little 2 mile story though: 

Always always always be prepared with running gear in your car for when the run happens at a different time & place than you'd planned. 

Because of the late bus it would be too dark to run at home. Instead I wound up grabbing odds & ends of questionably clean running gear I had in my car trunk, including a pair of shoes I was going to donate at the next running shoe collection at Run Club and used just my regular bra to run in (I tightened it as much as I could). 


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