Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seattle SEE JANE RUN Race Recap

SEE JANE RUN 5K Race Recap

We arrived at the race expo in the Seattle Westin around 11:30 am on Saturday. The expo was thoroughly pink-ed all over and was all rah-rah girl power and all that. There wasn't much going on at the expo, just a few vendors here, and nothing that really caught my eye even though I'm always looking for ways to burn through my money (ha ha). 

Because my training had been interrupted by a cold and then our camping trip to Yosemite, I knew I would be tempting the injury gods if I went ahead and ran the entire half marathon. Arizona Cousin and I both agreed to drop down to the 5K. We easily exchanged our half marathon bibs for 5k bibs at the Expo, collected our race shirts and left.
The next morning Chef Nephew drove Arizona Cousin and I to Gas Works Park for the race. The half marathon started at 8:00 and the 5k was starting at 8:30. We arrived around 8:15, saw the half marathoners running down the city streets and we both thought DANG IT.....we wished we hadn't dropped down to the 5k!! ah well.
Chef Nephew got us close to the starting line & we jumped out of the car & went to join the throngs. I remember the DJ was playing AC/DC's Shook Me All Night Long which was on my run playlist for the longest time but I'd recently deleted it. I should add that one back in. It's an.oldie but goodie, that song is never going anywhere. It really got me in the mood too! 
The race started right on time and the route took us onto the pedestrian/cycling paths through Gas Works Park and along the Puget Sound. It was very pretty. I saw A REAL-LIFE DRAWBRIDGE!
The weather was perfect for running, very cool & completely overcast and not even a little bit humid. This same weather was much too cold for me when we were touring around the city the rest of the weekend, but for the race it was awesome.
There were multiple water stations for the 5k and volunteers and signage at all at the tricky places on the route. I definitely didn't need the water I brought in my hydration waist pack but I drank it anyway. I picked up a cup of Gatorade at one of the stations but it was tooooo sweet it made me gag and I threw away the entire cup. 
My real scheduled long run for today was a 9-miler. I ran the 5k route to the turnaround point and then doubled back again and again at a couple of places to get some mileage in. After I crossed the 5K finish line, I turned around and ran the course backwards to get some more of those 9 miles done. 
By now though the 5K route was closed and I wound up veering onto the other route, running with the speediest of the half marathoners for the next 4 miles. I felt like a big cheater because spectators who were applauding the half marathoners' efforts were also clapping for me and I hadn't done anything really! They just saw my bib and assumed I was right where I was supposed to be.
One fun thing about doubling back on the course was that I doubled & tripled my pics from the race photographers. I still don't like any of them but this time there were many more to choose from! 
In the end I finished my 9 miler and texted my buddy Val (who is pacing me in SF in two weeks) my results to let him know where I am in my training. 

Ha ha, I obviously haven't mastered the sideways-stand-head-tilted-hand-on-hip pose! This is me in all my dorky candid glory and I'm sooo ok with that: 
The post race snacks line up was impressive! Chips, bananas croissants, muffins, chocolate, champagne, etc. I'll take a croissant over a bagel every single time! 
We collected our medals, champagne glasses and chocolate and headed out for our post race brunch (of course). 
On the walk back to the car we passed this awesome statue and realized we were right in front of the Brooks store! This entire statue thing is made of race medals! it was soooo cool!! what an ingenious and absolutely creative way to repurpose old race medals!!!!!

My thoughts about the race:
The Good: 
-well organized expo, easy in and out, competent volunteers
-well organized race, again lots of volunteers and water stations
-well-marked course! Yay!
-out and back route isn't my favorite but it was fun getting to the turnaround and not feeling even a little bit tired
-the post-race snacks game was on Fleek! (haha, no I don't really talk like this)
-Perfect weather 

The Bad: 
-race shirt is a tech shirt but it's not cute at all. I won't be wearing it anywhere 
-there were cyclists on the paths that I thought were pretty dangerous.The race apparently paid for police patrol but I guess they weren't going to do anything about the cyclists. Why do cyclists fly past you all annoyed like they own the road and runners are nothing but a super nuisance?

The Ugly: 
-the race medals were teeeeeeeny tiny. Like I would make earrings with them if I was crafty. Since there's no year label on them, and the race can use them year after year, why do they have to be so ridiculously cheap? 

I hope I have the opportunity to do this one again next year. I love run-cations and I felt like I need more days in Seattle. 

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