Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Seattle Day 4, In Memoriam

We woke up and got ready to leave and check out of our Airbnb. We collected our things, packed up the car and then headed to our first restaurant of the day, SERIOUS PIE & BISCUIT. This place is known for it's pizza but has killer biscuit sandwiches for breakfast too. 
We ordered the collard greens biscuit, fried green tomatoes biscuit, and the ham egg & cheddar biscuit. They were all so crazy crazy delicious.
I'd been nagging our group all weekend about going to the Space Needle because how can you go to Seattle and not see the Space Needle? We got there and encountered an enormous line, but being the marginally tech savvy person I am, I got on my iPhone and immediately bought us some tickets online. We walked right in, past all the people who would be getting tickets for an afternoon time slot.

The view was great, but Mount Ranier would not come out to greet us all weekend. Such a bummer.
I really LOVED all the interactive exhibits up at the top of the Needle. There is a Space Needle app Chef Nephew downloaded to his phone. There were these round floor mats placed randomly around on the ground that when you pointed your phone at them a Space Needle hologram appeared!  

There was a camera set up to take FREE selfies of you. As much as you wanted. For FREE.

There was a board where you could enter your name and where you're from. There were millions of names and virtual pushpins on a global map of the locations people had come from to visit the Needle.

I really thought that the Space Needle would be nothing more than a high perch in the city where we would be able to see far and wide around Seattle. But it was SO MUCH MORE than that. It was truly worth the price of admission. If you're going to visit Seattle for the first time, do not miss this. 

After our trip to the Needle, guess what we did? Yes, we went to eat. This time it was at a teeny tiny sandwich shop called SALUMI

With the line out the door, you know it's going to be great:
We ordered the Lamb, the Porchetta and the Salumi sandwiches.
And then we sat at a small park across the street and had a picnic. It was a gorgeous day in Seattle, the sun had finally decided to come out to shine down on us.
This was our last food stop of the trip. After this meal we went down to the Pike market again for one last run-through and then I took Arizona Cousin and Chef Nephew to a car rental place so they could rent a car and continue their culinary tour in Vancouver Canada. 

I then drove myself to SeaTac for my flight home. It was a fabulous trip full of too much food, lots of fun and even a little bit of running. Just perfect. 

Our Airbnb host had a houseful of pets. There were 4 cats and a dog named Ace. (This was totally disclosed on her Airbnb listing. We knew about the pets beforehand but we're all animal lovers and the pets would never have deterred us from booking this place.)
The cats kept to themselves mostly, but Ace was always hanging out in the living room at the foot of the stairs. He was such a sweet, gentle guy and loved for us to scratch his ears as we went in and out of the house throughout the trip.
On our last day in Seattle, Ace had a medical emergency. Our Host had to rush him to the ER and she later updated us via text that he had passed away.

May you RIP Ace, it was OUR pleasure to have known you!


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