Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Seattle Day 3

Seattle Day 1 and Seattle Day 2

Woke up this morning even earlier than yesterday. I feel bloated & heavy from all the decadent food we've been eating and laid in bed hoping I would accidentally go back to sleep and miss the race. But Arizona Cousin is awake and getting ready for the run so I have no choice but to get moving myself.

We got ready in no time at all & Chef Nephew drove us to Gas Works Park for the SEE JANE RUN 5K.


After the race we got our medals, collected our champagne glasses & chocolate and made our way to the car for the first of our restaurants of the day and location of our post-race celebratory brunch: REVEL. This place is run by Chef Rachel Yang who has a couple of other restaurants we'd be hitting later in the day.

The waitress was sweet enough to serve our drinks in our SEE JANE RUN champagne glasses.

From REVEL we ordered & ate all the Pork Monkey Bread, Coconut Pancake, bacon donuts, Katsu & biscuit with gravy. All the outrageous carbs.

After REVEL we drove back to the Airbnb to shower & change. Chef Nephew took a kayak out onto the lake while we got ready. Can't say enough about how awesome this house was. 
Chef Nephew wore his life vest on the lake. 
Our next stop of the day was to TROVE (Rachel Yang again, owner of REVEL) which was a super casual but extremely delicious noodle house. We were conservative and only ordered ONE dish and one dessert. Oh and an appetizer. 
Chow fun noodles
Kimchi dumplings

Summer Jewels Parfait

After TROVE we had 5pm reservations at THE WALRUS & THE CARPENTER (same owner as THE WHALE WINS where we ate yesterday). Arizona Cousin had a couple of friends in Seattle who joined us here. 
When you're doing the shared plates thing, the more people at your table means you get to sample more dishes. At this point my palette is pretty exhausted and I can't really appreciate the oysters, sardines and more geoduck (gooey duck) like I should. Have you seen a geoduck? Here's a description: 
Let's be clear: if anything, the geoduck looks like the grotesque, wrinkled schlong of a deformed hippopotamus. Jonathan Swift famously said that it was a brave man who first ate an oyster, but that somebody doesn't hold a candle to whoever first ate geoduck. Presumably they were either starving to death—and happened to be three feet underground at low tide—or had a morbid sense of curiosity and didn't mind getting squirted in the face. (Did we mention that they spurt?)

Some of the other dishes: steak tartar, oysters, grilled sardines, caramelized onions, bleu cheese plate and beans.

I'm growing weary of all the sardine/anchovy/mackerel stuff we've been eating everywhere and complain to Chef Nephew. He patiently lectures me on the importance of eating sustainable fish and points out that these restaurants don't have swordfish or Chilean sea bass on their menus for a GOOD reason. DUH. Sigh.

Take a guess what we did after the WALRUS & THE CARPENTER? Yep, another restaurant. This time we headed to JOULE (Rachel Yang again, from REVEL and TROVE) for a 7pm seating. 

Luckily (?) the Seattle friends (aren't they the cutest couple?) joined us here as well so I didn't feel like I had to eat everything put in front on me. There would be others to give their opinions on the food. I'm not even sure what it is we're eating anymore. I know there was more geoduck (gooey duck) in the rice:

 It's hard to say which restaurant is my favorite so far. They're all so different and each new place seems like my new favorite because the flavors are all still fresh in my mind. 

After JOULE we debated about going to the Space Needle but decided it was too late to see much from the top so we went back to the Airbnb to decompress before bed. 

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