Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, July 13, 2015

Seattle Day 2

The nephew was raring to go pretty early today. No rest for the weary. Sigh. Our first stop was brunch at Bar Sajor in Seattle. We were also intent on having a Starbucks at the first ever original location but when we got there the line was ridiculous.
Instead we grabbed ONE Piroshky Piroshky at the Pike, split it 3 ways and then walked to the other Pike Place Starbucks, on Pike and 1st which I guess is the one that everybody thinks is the original but it isn't. Or something. 

From there we walked to Bar Sajor for brunch. The chef here, Matt Dillon  has a few other places in WA. If there anything like this place, then they are all superb. 

  Some of our dishes (it's so hard to remember it all, I really need to start writing stuff down) were Smoked Yogurt, pickled vegetables, a blueberry clafoutis (not pictured) 3 types of oysters & salmon pate. 

 I'm not a food critic so I won't critique the food, but there wasn't anything I didn't like. The restaurant was beautiful, yet homey at the same time. I love the open kitchen concept. It was almost like we could just walk up to that kitchen island and watch the chef prepare our food. I actually think she would have welcomed us to do that if we'd asked. 

After brunch we walked to London Plane (also owned by Dillon) & browsed their mercantile. Not sure why I don't have more pictures, but here's a little bit of what they had there: 
We walked around the neighborhood for a bit. We had to walk after the brunch we'd just eaten. I think this neighborhood was called Pioneer Square, and it was a mix between derelict, up-and-coming and sophisticated. Loved it. 
Can you spot me back there taking a selfie?
By now the weather was pretty ugly and it even started to sprinkle. I'm not sure why I completely lost my good sense and did not come prepared for rain in Seattle. I ducked into a North Face store, quickly purchased a jacket from the clearance rack and then we headed to----oh yeah! the See Jane Run Race Expo because, duh! I believe we came all the way to Seattle to run in the first place. 
 After the expo it was time to eat again. Up next, a small noodle house named Miyabi 45. They're the only place on the entire West Coast making their own soba noodles by hand. If I believe the chef. Which I did. Their tofu is also made in house and was smooth and luscious. 

We had the Omkase (prix fixe) menu and ordered a few things from the regular menu. Like breaded cauliflower

Cold soba noodles, hot soba noodles
Buckwheat jello pudding for dessert
After the noodle house, we worked off our lunch by walking 1.5 miles to another restaurant, THE WHALE WINS, to eat. Again. This place is owned by chef Renee Erickson who's other restaurants we will be visiting in the next day or so.

 This place was beautiful as well and reminded me a lot of the Bar Sajor. Here we ordered the collard greens with a house-made feta, sardine bruschetta, spiced peanuts and quadrello cheese (never had quadrello before either). 

We left THE WHALE WINS, walked back to our car and then drove over to ANOTHER RESTAURANT for what I hoped was our last meal of the day: STAPLE & FANCY. The chef here (Ethan Stowell) is the same owner of the WOLF restaurant we went to last night. 

Some of the dishes we sampled here were: buffalo mozzarella, green beans  
 Baby beet salad with anchovies

 Escolar crudo (raw cod) with fiddlehead fern (my first fiddlehead fern)

 To say we were pretty full from eating is putting it mildly. but the bartender at STAPLE & FANCY recommended a small place up the street for dessert so off we went in search of Hot Cakes

Finally we headed back over to Pike Place Market because we were told the line at Starbucks dies down considerably after the marketplace closes at 6pm (Starbucks stays open til 9pm). 
We're standing in that line--see us? 
Me & Chef Nephew who needs to pull up his pants:

There was still a long line but I guess not as bad as the one we'd seen earlier. It went by fast anyway.

That makes it a total of 6 restaurants we visited today. My waist is feeling every bite. 

After purchasing our OG Starbucks (First Starbucks Location) souvenirs I had to insist that we call it a night and get to bed early because duh! we have a race to run tomorrow, remember how we came here to run? 

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