Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seattle Day 1

The Seattle trip is finally here! I had mixed feelings (as usual) about traveling again and even more so this time since I also had a race to run. 

Got out this morning for a quick 2-mile run before I had to pack & head out the door to LAX.
It was a beautiful day in So Cal! 

 The travel gods were smiling down at me today. There were no TSA lines at LAX!
The flight was uneventful, I sat next to a beautiful 10-month old baby & her mom. Baby was sweet as can be and wanted to play the entire flight. Once we landed in SeaTac, I met up with my group, Arizona Cousin & my nephew, at baggage claim, we went to pick up our rental car and then drove into the city.
My nephew (above) is a fancy chef in a fancy restaurant in Phoenix. He recently partnered into a gourmet donut shop and was a sweetheart & brought me an entire sampling of the awesome donuts he makes in his shop. I ate the maple bacon straight off, and then just took small bites from the rest. YUMMMMMM. 
If you're ever in Scottsdale AZ, you MUST visit Born & Glazed

Besides the donut, we were all starving so our first order of business was to find real food to eat before we had to be at Safeco Field for the Mariners game. My entire family (immediate & extended) is a baseball family. It's just how we grew up. 
We made a quick stop into the famous Pike Place Market  & a grabbed a few steamed buns from Mai Buns. The Nephew made all the selections. 
After the buns, we found our way to a place called Steelhead Diner (it was hardly what I'd consider a "diner" though) and sat at the bar to have a quick bowl of clam chowder.  One bowl, three spoons. It hit the spot! 
SIDE NOTE: This trip was originally supposed to be my run-cation but since my nephew-chef is along, it's turned into a culinary tour of Seattle as well. When Chef Nephew is conducting his culinary tours one of the unwritten rules is that every thing we order to eat is shared, period. You can order something specific off the menu if it catches your eye, but it's going be shared with the table. 
This may not seem like a big deal, but when you're a greedy eater like I am this caused me some trepedation the first time I had to comply with this rule. 

After our quick bite, we were late for the ballgame. Getting to the stadium was super confusing but worth the trouble. 
 Safeco Field is quite spectacular. It was beyond enormous but still felt cozy like a local sports bar on steroids. (By comparison, Dodger Stadium IS big and FEELS big.) Why does this beautiful Safeco Field stadium not belong to my Dodgers????

Since I only usually watch National League games, it was fun to see a couple of great plays by a couple of great players in the American League: Robinson Cano (Mariners) and Mike Trout (Angels). Check that....Mike Trout is in a class of his own.

We watched the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (what a ridiculous name. I freaking HATE the Angels) wallop on the Mariners for 8 innings and then headed back out to officially begin/continue our culinary tour. Next stop: HOW TO COOK A WOLF.
Some of the dishes we sampled: Geoduck Crudo (my first time eating this phallic clam), chicken liver mousse, tuna bruschetta and radiatore pasta.
After this meal we headed back to SeaTac to check into our Airbnb. The more I travel the more I'm finding Airbnb is the way to go. 

This place we booked here in Seattle is super cute and more like a true Bed & Breakfast than any other Airbnb I've stayed in. The Host lives in the house and she's here most of the time. There are 3 guest bedrooms and the Airbnb guests share 2 common bathrooms. I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast in Ireland (pre Airbnb days) that was set up almost exactly like this.
Front of the house
Back yard of the house, right on Angle Lake. We had kayaks at our disposal & the Nephew went out on the lake for a bit.

Our Cutest Host left breakfast trays with goodies on our beds

each guest room door had some fun info of the guests staying there

 Our host has a no-shoes-indoors rule and provided slippers to wear in the house.

Years ago I had the opportunity to backpack through Europe for an entire summer. Eating on a budget, staying in youth hostels--that whole thing. The great thing about this way of travel was that I was able to meet so many people, local and non-locals that I would have likely never connected with if I had the money to pay for real hotels. 
All the useful house info written on the bedroom closet door in chalk. Clever! 
This Airbnb reminds me so much of that time.  Unfortunately, the other guests here aren't quite into the experience the way we are and so they're choosing to hang out in their guest room behind closed doors instead of in the common areas (living room, kitchen, etc) like in a true B&B.  

This was such a fun day and a great First day in the Emerald City! 

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