Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nothing but a pair of shoes, huh? I don't think so.

My phone has decided to totally act up again. I dropped it in the river while out rafting in Yosemite a few weeks ago and it seemed to be fine at first after spending the night in a jar of rice. 
But today all of a sudden the camera stopped working in one direction so it's only able to take selfie pictures. I.need.a.phone.now. I have Apple Care so it's not like I'll be coming out of pocket on this, but I've been crazy busy lately and have no time to go into the store to get a new phone.)

ANNNNNND, of course,  to add to my frustration, when I took off on my run today I discovered my wireless headphones had been left ON. A quarter mile into my run they conked out and I wore them like this for the rest of the run. Exasperating. 
I recall a quote I've seen repeated on blogs and Runner's World and who knows where else: 

HA! Ironic, isn't it? All I need is a good pair of shoes? I don't think so. MY runs require a 1. smartphone with camera, 2. a Garmin GPS watch, 3. my preferred brand of shoe, 4. a specialized bra, 5. DRI-FIT clothing, 6. dorky toe socks, 7. a hat-preferably a cute one, 8. sporty sunglasses and 9.who-knows-WTF-else. 
I shoved my phone under my bra strap, turned the volume all the way UP and listened to the UNDISCLOSED podcast as best I could. I got Five miles done. Hooray! Unfortunately this Garmin picture was the best I could do with a selfie-facing smartphone camera, but I can still see the numbers. 5.03 miles at 12:20 pace.

This run included "pick-ups" (as I've learned they're called) where, after a 4 mile warm-up, I run as fast as I can for 20 seconds, then run slowly for 2 minutes and repeat that 4 times. 
I managed to snap a picture of the speed my phone was tracking because I knew the numbers would lie to me afterwards. And sure enough: 
That's ok, though, because I know (I KNOW) how fast I was really going. RunKeeper, you're not going to make me feel less-than!!!

In other news, another day another Dodger game (what else, right?) And Hello Kitty giveaway night! 
 You'd think I'd bring my 8-year old daughter to Hello Kitty night, but it turns out I'm not that kind of mom! Ha ha ha.
Instead I was with my usual game buddy Val. There's something to be said about someone who actually prefers arriving to the ballpark EARLY-EARLY (batting practice early), likes to take pictures of the same dang things each time and enjoys wandering around the park checking out Dodger memorabilia. Just like ME! 

The food here is really getting better! Now let's work on the pitching staff! 
My Seattle trip is coming up soon...like to-morrow. Yikes. I'm mostly ready. The Puff is situated for the weekend with BD (her dad) and my travel plans are set. Still feeling anxious though. 

My original intention when I first planned this trip was to go to Seattle to run the See Jane Run half marathon. But I haven't really trained properly for this race, so I am thinking about just doing the 5K instead and running 6 additional miles on my own since my long run this weekend is supposed to be 9 miles. 

To add to the uncertainty, my Arizona cousin and her son at some point in the past couple of months invited themselves along on my Seattle run-cation. Because he's a chef, and when we're together we EAT, it's turning out to be a FOODIE trip instead of the run-cation I initially imagined.

Huh. So. We shall see what transpires. 

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