Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, July 6, 2015

Celebrating the 3rd of July

I hope that the skies were shining just as brightly across the country for the 4th of July weekend as they were for us here in SoCal. For once I had zero complaints about the weather over here. 
I had the day off of work on Friday the 3rd so my girlfriends and I decided to have a Mother/Daughter beach day and hopefully avoid some of the 4th of July crowds. It really was a fantastic idea even though the beach was still super crowded. The best part? Finding front row parking of course! 

The Muthas:  
We'd gotten to the beach around 10am and were pretty much done and ready to go by 3-4pm. But we heard a rumor that there would be a special fireworks show at 9pm from the Boathouse so we decided we'd see the show. Around 5pm we walked over to a Mexican place near the beach to eat some dinner before heading back to our spot to wait for fireworks.
It turned out to be a good decision because the Puff ended up going over to BD's (her dad's) house for the 4th. And since I had already seen a fireworks show I had absolutely NO desire to go out again on the 4th to see another fireworks show. WINNING! I hope that my fireworks enthusiasm returns next year because I sorta feel un-patriotic not blowing stuff up on the 4th. This year it was just fine with me though. 

Instead I stayed home all day on the 4th and ate up all the food in the house including all 3 of the figs I discovered on our fig tree! Hooray, the figs are here! Don't blink cuz you'll miss them!  

Oh and I did a little bit of running too! Seven SLOW SLOW SLOW miles on the Greenway Trail.
Our Seattle trip is coming up THIS WEEK! YIKES!!! I'm always nervous about traveling and being away from the Puff. I had an absolute BLAST on  my recent trip to Chicago though so I'm trying to keep that in mind in order to stave off these nerves.

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