Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The real reason I love running?

My Dodger par'ner / running buddy Val texted me about our planned run on Sunday morning. I've been very inconsistent with my running lately and when I confessed this to him I could tell he was disappointed in me. UGH! I hate to be a disappointment.
When I'd first approached Val about pacing me for the SF Half next month, he hadn't been running in months. He very generously agreed to pace me and has been genuine in his training. Unfortunately I can't say the same for myself! So off we went on Sunday to tackle the Greenway Trail for 5+ miles. 
 Everything went smoothly until we came across a barricaded section of the trail. Good news: Whittier is finally getting a dog park! Bad news: we had to trespass through this section because we were not motivated enough to find a way around. (What fence?) 

SO, the results at the end of the run were not too shabby. I just scrolled through some archived Garmin & RunKeeper records and it seems I haven't lost any speed during this recent June hiatus. Hooray! 

Afterwards we went very nearby to have breakfast at Rocky Cola Cafe. 

Val's breakfast of champions-eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, extra butter: 
My breakfast of calorie-counters--veggie egg whites omelet, dry wheat toast
 This helped a lot though:

It is becoming more and more plain to me that perhaps the real reason I run is so that I can hang out with runner friends and then go out to eat after we run together. I'm superficial a lot. 

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