Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chicago Day 2

This week I was lucky enough to be able to check off some bucket list items in Chicago. A recap of Day 1 here. 

After partying on Clark St til 2am (#worthit), it was a little difficult to get up in the morning to get a run in. But since this was an entire half of the reason I came to Chicago in the first place, I got my butt up and went East on Addison toward the Lake. Michigan, that is.
I don't want to keep sounding like an ad for Airbnb, but the place I booked  was literally 2 blocks from Wrigley Field in one direction and a few blocks from the Lake in the other direction. How perfect is that?

I was on the path for a couple of miles and snapped a few pictures and thought it was great. Lake Michigan, whoo hoo and all that. THEN I turned a bend and saw the Chicago SKYLINE. OMG, that was sooooooo cool:
I ran 3.5 miles but it took me a total of 58 minutes because of all my stops. My phone wasn't auto-pausing when it should have. Weird.

Anyway, I was enamored with all the neighborhoods and the entire vibe of Chicago. Everybody I know who's been to Chicago can't rave enough about it. I GET IT, I GET IT. To say Chicago is a great town is like saying the Great Wall of China is a cute fence. Chicago is an AWESOME town.
We don't have this in drought-ridden SoCal
After my run, I showered & got dressed & packed up my things. By now it was almost 9am. I let my host know I would need to keep my bags in the room until around noon, but that they could go on in if they needed to get the room ready for the next guest. FYI, on Airbnb when you're searching for a place you always read the reviews of that place. Conversely, when a host is thinking about allowing you to stay in their place, they read YOUR reviews as well. So don't do anything that will get you a bad review by a host.
Made my way over to the Sears Tower after a breakfast of champions from Dunkin Donuts.
The Sears Tower would be the only thing I'd have time to see today before heading back to the airport
Up up up 103 stories.... You know what, that really is high!
Once you get to the 103rd floor, there are window boxes that jut away from the building that you can step out onto and stare straight down 103 flights. You know, just to freak your self out.
Stepping out onto that ledge was no joke! I was rolling my eyes (I can be a jerk a lot) at people who were being skittish at the edge of the window box/building until I got up right next to it myself!!! And then I was being that dork who couldn't step out onto the glass.

After the Skydeck/Sears Tower/Willis Tower, I was worried about making it back on time via the trains so I grabbed a cab instead. From downtown Chicago to Wrigleyville the cab cost $13. HELLOO! OMG, if i'd known how cheap it was to take a taxi I might have cabbed it all over town instead of taking the train. We don't have a lot of cabs in LA and they are super expensive. Ah, well, live and learn.

My goals for this 24 hour trip to Chicago were to: see the Bean, eat deep dish pizza, visit the Art Institute, see the Sears Tower, go to the game, have a Chicago dog at the game, run on Lake Shore. I only missed seeing the Art Institute so no big deal. That just means I will have to come back to Chi town very soon.

Because of the fact that I was traveling alone & had befriended a stranger during the game I had to be overly cautious about the crap that only women have to worry about: being roofied or taken advantage of in some way. For that reason I didn't want to eat or drink anything that I didn't purchase myself and wasn't in my possession from the kitchen to my mouth. For example:
(no you can't buy me a beer)
My new friend was really nice and we'd had TOOONNNS of fun, but still, the entire time I was thinking I didn't want to end up on some 20/20 episode. 
So the Chicago dog was eaten at the airport instead of the game, which may not have been as authentic but was still absolutely delicious. It is now my new favorite hot dog. 

I will be posting my Yosemite week soon even though it happened before Chicago. I dropped my phone in the river while rafting and have had to do a bit of legwork to get those pictures. 

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