Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, May 18, 2015

That speed work stuff....actually works??

Earlier in the week I'd peeked at my runs scheduled for this week on RunKeeper, When I saw the Sunday long run I was like "Pppffffttt. As IF". There's no way I'd run under 12:00 min/mile for 7 miles.

Sunday morning I set out on my run hoping that I'd just be able to finish 7 miles and I really wasn't too worried about the paces I'd hit/miss.

I went past my usual 2 mile pedestrian bridge turnaround. It's a little unsettling to venture out farther than you have before and into unknown neighborhoods! 

Everything looked different on the other side of that pedestrian bridge. Like maybe I'd run through a worm-hole as I crossed under the bridge. Ha ha. 

I was SO SURE that at the furthest point out, right as I was hitting the 3.5 mile mark and supposed to turnaround to head back, I'd take a super nasty fall and have to limp all the way back home. 

Well, I stayed upright the entire run (thank the gods), but when you run in unfamiliar areas frustrating things DO tend to happen, like all of a sudden you'll turn a corner and discover you have no more sidewalk: 
Thanks for nothing, City planners!

Actually, there's no way I can be mad about anything on this run, because shock of all shock, I actually did it! I ended up running 11:36 for a little over 7 miles! I'm BEYOND pleased with that! I think those pick-ups and tempo-whatevers may actually be worth the trouble!! Go me!!! 
After the run, the Puff and I went to church and then stopped at the farmers market on the way home. We were able to hang out at the market for a little while since we get out of church a couple of hours before the rest of the family does. It was a gorgeous day!
At the farmer's market the Puff and I ended up winning the Big raffle prize for the hour! A giant box full of donations from each of the vendors. We got good stuff too! Can this day get any better??  

Well, yes it can. After Sunday Linner I had time to whip up a batch of homemade yogurt which I am now enjoying as I type up this post.....with free strawberries from the market & a drizzle of honey (and homemade granola and some leftover pineapple). 



  1. Yay for a speedier run! It's amazing how hard work pays off!