Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Slow + Jog = SLOG and Back on the wagon

Happens every time: after I have a really good run, I tend to rest on my laurels and put off the next run until I feel so guilty about not running that when I finally go out to run I am hating life the entire time. Today's run was that resent-filled run. My legs felt like lead the whole way and it didn't get better even after the first two "warm up" miles.

My legs just wouldn't move. And there were no trains going by to give me a little break.
Today I did the 4 mile run + pickups that RunKeeper wanted me to do on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will do today's run and then I'll be all caught up with this week's runs. Per the usual, the GPS satellites are at odds with each other, but not terribly off. 

In other news, I'm back on the watching-weight wagon. And I got rid of the old Weight Watchers scale I had and bought a fancy new Biggest Loser scale. I didn't throw the old scale into the dumpster like i had threatened, but I did take it to an e-waste recycling center last weekend after church. 
I try as much as possible not to make "new" unnecessary purchases (I try to purchase as much as possible from thrift stores or from sites like www.liketwice.com and eBay), but a scale is such a sensitive piece of equipment I didn't want to take any chances. 

And in a happy coincidence, the girls at work are starting a weight loss challenge this week, which I promptly joined. I've submitted my starting weight as: 
I think I'm competitive enough to give everybody a run for their money, so we'll see how it goes. Last night my very lovely and skinny sister brought over cronuts, which I ate so fast I didn't even have time to come to my senses! I hope it's all out of my system though, and that my very lovely and skinny sister never ever brings cronuts again. They were sooooooo goooooood!!!

My eating today, Day 1 of the challenge, was not too bad. Not great but not bad. Today was my library duty day at the Puff's school so for breakfast I grabbed a quick bite from McD's: Egg White Delight, no cheese, no butter (did you know they put butter on them?), and added an extra egg white. Total calories, 210 and 22 grams of protein. The sodium count was pretty horrendous though I can't remember exactly what it was.

Lunch back at the office was a ginormous salad with beets, spinach, romaine, beet greens, pico de gallo, avocado & chicken breast. It didn't need any salad dressing because the pico de gallo was plenty wet. So good! (Not cronut good, but still really good.)

After work, the Puff wanted pizza, so I thought it would be fun to make our own. We ended up going to Trader Joe's because it was right on our way home and I remembered they have pizza dough in their refrigerated section.

I RARELY go to Trader Joe's because everything "fresh" is wrapped in plastic or boxed up in a plastic clamshell. UGH, no thank you. The amount of plastic trash that TJ's forces upon their customers is outrageous. I stopped shopping there regularly a few years ago and don't really miss any of their store-brand products.
Help I can't breathe!

But the Puff, on the other hand, DOES remember and DOES miss their store-brand products. So we picked up a box of Joe-Joe's at the checkout. Impulse Suckers. Sigh. 

We took our Joe-Joe's and our dough and went home and had a great time rolling out our pizza, spreading sauce & cheese. The Puff needed only minimal help which made it that much more fun for me. (Unlike those days when she was 3 and wanted to do everything "My- BYSELF" and just made huge messes.)

Next time, though, I will go to a local pizza place (there is one on our way home which we just as easily could have gone to if I'd thought of it) and purchase dough directly from them instead of TJ's.

Can you guess who's is who's? Didn't matter because they were both SUPER good!

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