Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Saddest sight on a run & Starting them young

As seen on my run. Boo: 
I was 3 miles into my run when the low battery signal came on. This hadn't ever happened to me before. I hoped I'd get at least 12 more minutes worth of battery life so I could finish my run, but no such luck. FYI, once the low battery signal comes on, you have about 5 minutes until you're screwed. You're welcome. ;) 
The Dead Garmin
 "Luckily" my phone GPS was on as I was completing a scheduled workout on my RunKeeper. This run was 4 miles slow run with 4 pickups at the end. The results:
When I saw the results...wow... I was BLOWN AWAY! I can not believe that I ran a 6:46 min/mile (even though it was only for 20 seconds)!!! Really! (?) I can't imagine how fast that is on the treadmill....is that 10mph or something? I could never run that fast on the treadmill--when I increase the speed up to 8.5 mph or faster I start to freak out about falling off the belt. I spent the entire morning  thinking: am I just awesome or can everybody run 10mph? Maybe I'm just awesome. 

Later that day I went back to RunKeeper to admire my numbers again....BUT THE NUMBERS TOTALLY CHANGED...........WTF?!? 
I know this is the same workout because I had't done any other 4-mile run with pickups yet. This was the only one... and all my awesome numbers were gone. They were replaced with these very average slow numbers. Sooooo, I'm not that awesome after all. 

I was disappointed to say the least and highly pissed off. What is RunKeeper's problem?!?! I know that these results (the later version) are more accurate than  me running a 6:00-something min/mile. Super sad face. I have a mind to send an email to RunKeeper to let them know what I think of them. I just might too. 
So. I WAS having a pretty good time with RunKeeper workouts. Not anymore. I'm really going to make the time to take a look at what Garmin offers online in terms of a training plan (per Kristina's suggestion). 

Later that day, the Puff and I had an important date to keep: our first Dodger game of the season together. 

I always make my kid dress like me...I think she likes it. :) 

Last year's Dodger season was pretty dicey. I never knew how long the Puff would last or whether we would finally make it to the end of a game. We'd get up every couple of innings to stand in line for churros or to buy a souvenir. And every game she only lasted until right after the 7th inning stretch. 

This year, we planned things a bit better. Just like when we're at church, I brought out the big guns when she started to get bored: the NOOK. Then bribery and then the kid's playground. In that order. 

It worked!! The Puff sat all the way through EXTRA INNINGS until the Dodgers won 1-0 in 13 innings. After missing most of the game, we jumped up and down when the Dodgers finally won. And THAT'S how you create a Dodger fan for life! 

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