Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A quick update post

I'm back on the RunKeeper schedule again because, just like my old boyfriend, I'm used to it and it's comfortable. I fully expect to kick RK to the curb any year now (like the old BF).
Today's run was a 4 mile slow with 4 pickups at the end. 
Love it when it's a freight train that passes by during my run. The frieght trains allow for a longer rest than the commuter trains that zip by. (sending prayers to Philadelphia). 

Today's results: 
My results weren't stellar like those first fleeting ones i had last week (the ones that magically disappeared from RunKeeper). On the one hand, these paces seem more realistic. On the other hand, I was watching my Garmin during the 4 sprints and the pace on my watch said 7:00 min/mi for each 20-second sprint. I feel like all 4 pickups should be about the same as the results above in green. 

What is the deal with RunKeeper? 

Ah, well. On the other hand, these times are still faster than the first pickups RunKeeper recorded so I need to be satisfied that there is progress. 

E'ERBODY is in a great mood when Mom runs in the morning! 


  1. It sounds like you need a permanent breakup with runkeeper. It's like a bad boyfriend you keep going back to for no good reason! lol

    Great job on the pickups though. Super weird that runkeeper didn't record them all in the 7s if your Garmin always read 7. That's why I use Garmin Connect to track everything!

    1. Lol, It really does take me way too long to kick bad habits! :)