Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, April 24, 2015

Unremarkably fantastic

Yesterday's 3 mile run was unremarkably (is that a word?) fantastic. Totally unremarkable as I went on the usual route across the train tracks and did a 3 mile out and back. And I wasn't particularly fast or anything. No trains even bothered to go by to give me a little bit of a rest. 

 But I found myself smiling and waving like a big dork at everyone I passed. Like we were all part of an exclusive club of pedestrians, sharing this special sidewalk. Super goofy, but man, I was in a great mood. Chasing the dragon. 

After the run, it was more of the usual: dinner for me & the Puff

Lunches ready to go for tomorrow 

Finished the diorama that we have the Puff has to turn in on Friday

Tomorrow is another weigh in day. Last night I had happy hour with my co-workers at a fabulous place here in Long Beach. I DID NOT EAT any of the food that was brought out, except for a couple of sticks of jicama and some ceviche. 
What I missed out on: crab cakes, chicken wings, cheese & artichoke dip, sliders, mac & cheese, chips n guacamole...and on and on. Actually it was surprisingly easy to say no.

But if a certain scale doesn't start to behave itself and start putting up some decent numbers (love how I shirk my responsibility in the weigh in process, right?) it's going to end up in a dumpster.


  1. I love when an everyday run becomes a GOOD run...everything just feels exactly right!

  2. The diorama is on point! I'll never forget having to make a shoebox diorama for a literature class back in 2nd grade. I totally forgot until right before bed the night it was due. My mom and I threw something together but it was definitely a bad effort. I was so embarrassed the next day in class because everyone else's look amazing - like Puffs! I feel like I will never live that horrible project down!