Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesdays are crazy

I've been following a new run program on my RunKeeper app. It's requiring that I run on Sunday which I don't like to do because we have to get up early enough for church on Sundays. I hate to have to get up even earlier.

I haven't had time to really poke around and see if I can re-program my running days though, so this past Sunday I got up early and went out to run. Of course, it was awesome.

It was lonely though! No other pedestrians on the sidewalk, no trains, no cars, no semi trucks, no noise, nothing.
Monday is a rest day, and the next run on the schedule was Tuesday. TUESDAY.

Tuesdays are my hell days. After work, there's piano lessons. During the Puff's lessons, I made lunches for tomorrow and dinner for tonight (grilled cheese for the Puff and grilled cheese for me--MOTY I tell ya) and changed into my running clothes. After piano, we had to eat our dinner IN THE CAR as we raced out to a "mandatory" parent meeting at the Puff's school. Mandatory.

After the parent meeting, we had to race over to the church for the Puff's Tuesday night church activity. Once she joined her group, I went out for my run.

This run was interesting! The RunKeeper app had me do 3 miles at a slow pace. After that I had to run 20 seconds FAST followed by 2 minutes slow, three times.

I wasn't really ready for the voice direction from the app as I was running, or I would have been faster on my FAST intervals.

All of a sudden there was a sharp beep in my ear and the voice said "Starting Interval 20 seconds fast" and I waited for like a GO signal but there wasn't one so I assume I was supposed to have started the fast running once the voice came on. Otherwise, I think I could have run under 10:00/mi each time. Next time for sure.

Seen on my run tonight: feral rabbits. Are they called feral if they're stray like that? I don't know. I saw it bounding and knew it wasn't a cat. At first it ran away from me but then when I stopped to snap the picture it kinda charged at me, so I ran away from IT. I don't know anything about rabbits, except I ate some once. 

I wore my Garmin during this run as well because I like to glance at it every once in a while to see what my pace is as I run. But it always bugs me that the Garmin and my phone GPS are never in sync. I don't understand why that happens.

Otherwise, I really loved today's run and the intervals I did. It was fun to change it up a bit and wasn't so hard that I will dread it next time.

Tomorrow is not Tuesday, so it's bound to be a good day. Plus it's a RunKeeper rest day, so that's even better!


  1. My coach puts those kind of pickups into some runs for me too. I love them because they keep things interesting but the intervals aren't long enough to make it feel hard like real speedwork!

    When I used to use RunKeeper it drove me crazy that the distance would always be off from my Garmin. Did you know Garmin has a set of plans you can download right to your watch? And that you can build your own workouts through Garmin Connect and sync them to your watch? Much better option in my opinion because then you don't get driven crazy by the RunKeeper distance thing :)

    1. Ah, so that's what they are, "pick ups"! It would be great to handle everything thru Garmin, I trust their GPS more (though I don't know if I should, I just do).

  2. I like that run keeper tells you when to do a pickup lap, how convenient!

    1. Yep tells you when to go and when to stop. She kinda scared me when her voice came on all of a sudden!

  3. I've never used RunKeeper. Actually I ran for 29 years with just a regular Timex stop watch and just transitioned to a Garmin last year (now I'm sort of addicted to it!!).