Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, April 10, 2015

Three wins in one day

I left work early yesterday to get to the gym and do a few miles on the treadmill. With another Dodger game on the schedule I had to budget my time carefully. I was considering skipping my run altogether but when I thought about the damage I would be doing to myself diet-wise at the stadium later in the evening, I knew I really couldn't afford to blow off the run. 

I made sure to have all the essentials ready: Headphones charged, podcast downloaded, hair tied in a hairband. It's those little things!

Managed to snag the treadmill closest to the water fountain this time. I was planning to push myself to not take a drink during this run, but my mind out-played my body so I paused at the end of miles 1 and 2 and took a quick drink. This PITA brain of mine... 

3 short and sweet miles just to check it off the schedule. Pace was 11:40. When I'm running outside my pace is always 12:00+/mi but on the treadmill I refuse to go slower than 5.1 mph which is an 11:45/mi. WHY DO I STRUGGLE SO MUCH WHEN I'M ON MY OWN? Whatever. Run is done and I WIN!

After the gym it was TIIIIIIME FOR DODGER BASEBAAAAALL. (Vin Scully is the shiznit, no question.) For this game we purchased parking online ahead of time which was only $10 (instead of $15 at the gate) and that also got us into a faster "pre-paid parking lane", and a sweet parking spot right in the front row.

There's a new feature for tickets I'm liking a lot. There's a special "fast lane" for people who have their tickets on their phone with a QR code instead of paper tickets. I'm not sure if this was a thing last year, but I love bypassing queues! 

Then, to undo those 3 miles on the treadmill earlier today, I consumed a pulled pork sandwich (delicious) and helped my buddy out with these cheesy helmet jalapeno nachos (delicious x 2). While it wasn't a great night in terms self-discipline it certainly wasn't my worst. 

Dodger games for me usually require Cool-A-Coos and a churro, neither of which I ate last night. WINNER! GO ME! If only it worked out that refusing food made me lose weight. We'll see how it goes with my next weigh in on Saturday. 

This last game of Opening Series was a dream. Adrian Gonzalez hit three home runs his first 3 times at bat. The only player in major league history to hit a total of five home runs in an opening series. A-Gon, is da man. MVP! Games are so much more fun when your team kicks ass WINS! 

There's a looooot of baseball still to play (haha tiny understatement) but we're off to a GREAT START!! 

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