Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Same old route, brand new Run Group!

I used to run the Greenway Trail pretty regularly: several of my old-old blog posts have Greenway Trail pictures in them, like these: 
But truthfully I grew bored of running the same 4 miles from end to end. The scenery on the Trail is non-existent and on top of that I'd caught murmurs and rumors of crime happening to Greenway Trail users. (Here's one semi-recent example:)

Last Saturday at the LARC run, I met a married couple, Peter & Carol, who were from the same suburb as me. Everybody else I've met with the Road Runners/LARC thus far are pretty much local to the West Side so I was pleasantly surprised that Peter & Carol were from my own 'hood AAAND, that they started a run group that meets during the week at the Greenway Trail! 
So, I cast aside my apathy for the Greenway Trail and met up with these fine people for a weekday evening run. I made sure to keep an open mind on my first run on the trail after a significant hiatus.
We divided ourselves into 2 groups: the "fast" group and the other group. I was in the "fast" group. Woot woot! The other group was actually walkers (not the zombie kind).

Peter was the "fast group" pacer and come to find out he had been in the 11:30 run/walk group with the Road Runners for marathon training. His run/walk group runs for 5 minutes and walks 1 minute (I believe). This means they have to run significantly faster than 11:30/mi in order to average 11:30 due to that slow minute that they walk.

This time, Peter led us on a 3 mile run, using his 5 to 1 run/walk ratio. We started out at a slow jog, maybe 13-12 minute miles. Peter pushed the pace for the 2nd and 3rd miles. I stayed on his heels and kept up with him the entire time. Every so often I would look down at my watch and I was shocked to see that we were running 11:00/mi, then 10:00/mi and then dipped below 10:00/mi. It was pretty exciting. We sprinted the last quarter mile of the run. Even with the run/walk method we still averaged 12:27/min per mile. Not too shabby!
Afterwards Peter & Carol led the group in some cool down stretches. 

And just like that, I have a new Run Group! I'm such a cool kid. 

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