Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Running Club and other Saturday happenings

The Los Angeles Running Club (LARC) takes a hiatus during marathon training season in order to defer to the LA Road Runners. When I started running with the Road Runners I'd never heard of the LARC but I noticed that the majority of the Road Runners knew each other pretty well. Come to find out they'd all been running together with LARC for a very long time. Now that the marathon is over, the Road Runners has "disbanded" and everyone has gone back to running as the LARC. And now this group includes me!   
 I even still have the same pace leader as I did with the RR.

During marathon training season, there was a palpable anxiety in the air when we met together at the school before our runs. Back then it felt like EVERY run is so important. Every run is going to make or break your entire training season. Pretty stressful.

Today, at the LARC meeting point, there was none of that frenzy of emotion. People today were simply out to run and have fun. So different and so great.

And so fun! We ran a 5 mile out and back at 12:04 pace. Actually, in my pace group, it was just me and Mike the pace leader. Even my bff Gloria was MIA. Mike let me set the pace and kept checking with me to see if I wanted to speed up/slow down. Usually the pace group does what's best for the group, so it was nice to be able to dictate that for once!

After our run, I drove away in search of a new post run bagel lox and ended up finding a cafe/deli place on Wilshire Blvd called Nosh Bagel. The place was popular, but the bagel lox was pricey and really not great. Too much red onion, not enough capers, not-so-fresh salmon. I was a little surprised that I had such high standards for my bagel lox. I'm going to keep looking for a new place since my last favorite place is so far away now. 

I ate just half of the not-so-great bagel lox in my car as I drove to the Saturday farmer's market for this week's produce haul. I missed my usual Thursday farmers market but luckily I can pretty much find one any day of the week within a 20 mile radius of my work or home. The Saturday market is much bigger and busier than my Thursday market. The nice thing about that is that there is more variety on Saturday. The only negative is that the vendors are too busy to entertain questions and offer advice like they do on Thursdays.

Beets, berries, cuties, oranges, zucchini, avocados, hot house tomatoes, honey
Once home I even took some time to stretch and foam roll! I did!

Sunday is Easter which means the grandchildren in the family will be hunting Easter eggs at Buela's house. Buela's Easter egg hunts are eagerly anticipated because many of those eggs have dollars hidden inside so the hunt can be quite lucrative for motivated egg hunters.

Someone has to give the Easter Bunny a hand with filling and hiding the eggs. I try my best to avoid the appearance of being "available" for this task, but somehow it never works. There are literally a thousand eggs to fill and hide. A thousand eggs for 8 grandchildren. It's quite ridiculous. But now it's done. 

Can't wait to see the kiddos tearing into it all. Happy Easter! 

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  1. 1,000 eggs!!!! WOW! Those are some lucky kids :)

    Seeing the little plastic egg with candy and money is bringing back all kinds of great Easter memories from when I was a kid. Since Adam and I have no children and no one else in the family has young children right now, I tend to forget that stuff like this still goes on! haha