Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, April 20, 2015

Running apps & week deux weigh in

Not much news on the running front. I went to the gym on Saturday but had a terrible headache that would.not stop pounding. So I went home. Boo.  

I upgraded my RunKeeper app so that I can get some kind of training plan for my upcoming half marathon in Seattle in July. Have you heard that the Runner's World SmartCoach app is now only available in Spanish? Weird! I used to use that app all the time and when I tried to download it again I think it was only offered in Spanish. 

Weird right? I actually do speak/read/write fluent Spanish but it's not my predominate langauge so I'd rather not have to think that hard when I'm looking at my training plan. It's tough enough for me to translate running jargon into English!

Just as well, the RunKeeper seems to be just as good/limited as the SmartCoach was so it'll do for now. I'm looking for a real-live running coach to replace these apps but until I find one, this'll do me. 

And then there's the regularly scheduled Saturday weigh-in. Key dramatic music: 
 165.2 gaaah. I'm down 0.6 from my original weight 2 weeks ago and 0.3 from last week. WTF? This isn't even worth all the food i've turned down over the past 2 weeks. I feel like I may as well EAT the donuts, ice cream, pizza, etc since giving that up isn't making the scale move at all. 

Prime example: I had a salad and water at the Dodger game this past Friday night (and some peanuts).
I haven't even had a regular old Dodger Dog yet, and that is pretty much a REQUIREMENT for a good game. Well, a Dodger Dog and the Dodgers winning, which they did ::happy dance::
I'm not giving up yet though. I'll keep plugging away at this and hopefully I will at least feel 1000% better by eating healthier and cutting out all that junk. Hope springs eternal and all that nonsense. 

Guess who discovered the PANO feature on her iPhone? oh BOOOOYY!!! 

First run of the training season is scheduled for tomorrow morning. :) And here we go again! 


  1. Weight loss takes time! Keep being diligent and suddenly the pounds will come off. Remember that muscle growth might make the scale look stagnant even if you're losing inches/fat.

    1. I hope that "suddenly" comes soon. I do feel like my clothes fit better but seeing the numbers on the scale change would motivate me even more. :)