Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paying my dues

This morning I volunteered at the Mad Dash 5k. The Maddi's Closet organization/story is extremely touching and this year they held their first 5K charity race.

Donna (Maddi's Closet founder) is pretty remarkable for her unwavering dedication to the memory of her daughter. I am pretty sure that if it were me who lost my daughter to cancer I'd likely become the most hateful, spiteful person on earth. 

Setting up at 5:00am
Flag ceremony at 7am
When my Rottie (my first baby) passed away I could barely look at other people's dogs and not think that it should've been their dog instead of mine. I don't think I'm supposed to admit to having such malicious thoughts...but it's true:( 

Anyway, my big J-O-B for the 5K was to enter the names of all the walk up registrants into the system before the race. It was nerve-wracking! I'd like to think that I appreciate every single thing about a race's behind-the-scenes work every time I run one, but volunteering at this race was a brutal reminder of how much goes unnoticed. I was nervous about getting the info entered correctly, age, gender, yikes. I checked and double checked every.single.keystroke.

Except for a boy named Skyler, who almost took first place in the Girls division (my bad), I think everything else was entered fine. 

My next job was to grab the finisher's bibs as the runners crossed the finish and keep them in order because we were doing the old-style pull-tag timing system (it's a small race, 200 run/walkers). The only thing more stressful would've been to be the person clicking times as the runners crossed the finish. Chip timing is so expensive for small events like this, but this old manual system is so labor-intensive

I can't even BEGIN to describe how annoyed I was by stinking BANDITS. They got a "click" as they crossed the finish but had no bib, throwing off everybody's time that came in behind them. I felt even worse because I've been one of those jerks who bandit-ed a race. And then besides the bandit situation there were those fools idiots people who removed & tossed their bib tags just cuz they felt like it...um, it was there for a reason. I'd have to yank their entire bib from their body to add it to the cord. 

Besides all the timing system flaws, the event actually went very smoothly. I hope the Mad Dash gains some momentum and becomes a super popular local race. And I'll consider my running DUES paid! 

After the 5K I dropped the Puff at Art class and walked around the corner for a Mani-pedi. Check out that freehand!  

Then it was pizza for the puff and Chipotle for me.

Later one of my nephews joined us to see Home at the movies. I fell asleep about 4.5 minutes into it, woke up in time to catch the end and pretty much got all caught up in a total of 18 minutes of watching the actual movie. Sigh. The kids seemed to like it but they aren't very discriminating movie-goers. Since I am pretty much obligated to take my kid to see all these kid movies, I'm stuck either way. But I sure appreciate it when kid-movie makers actually keep adults in mind and make a smart movie that everybody can get into. Home was not it. For those people who don't have kids but still enjoy animated ones (a la Pixar), don't waste your money! 

Groceries, laundry and prep for church tomorrow. Another Saturday bites the dust. 


  1. Way to go on volunteering! I really need to make it a priority to volunteer more often this fall to give back to the running community.

    I know what you mean about your Rottie. When my first cat, Leo, passed away in 2007 I couldn't even look at or think about other cats without getting really angry for a few months. Leo was only 9 years old when he passed from renal failure and it wasn't fair at all because he was the best and deserved a long life. It's probably not the right thing to say out loud, but I am sure it's a really common feeling!

    1. I'm so sorry about Leo, I hope he didn't suffer too much before passing. Chyna was stoic (typical rott) and didn't let on how sick she was. I hope Leo and Chyna are off somewhere playing together now. :)