Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year

It's April, baby, and I'm so ready for baseball season!

I absolutely bleed Dodger Blue.  My earliest childhood memories (from the tiny house we lived in until I was 5 years old) are of baseball games on TV and Vin Scully's voice calling the games. If my dad was driving us in our VW bus, then the game was on the Spanish radio station and Jaime Jarrin was calling it. Good times, good times. 

My good friend Val had a couple of tickets to a pre-season exhibition game this weekend and I was the lucky recipient of that second ticket. And in return for that ticket my good friend Val was the lucky recipient of a pre-game taco dinner at Guisados in Echo Park. Win-Win! "Guisado" translates to stew in Spanish and this taco place not only makes their own corn tortillas but the taco fillings are a selection of traditional stews and stewed meats: chicharrones, tinga, cochinito pibil, ropa vieja, mole, chile colorado, the list goes on and on. I rarely eat Mexican food out anywhere but I'll make an exception for Guisados. It's just like homemade (if I knew how to cook this good!). 
1. Guisados 2. my tacos 3. horchata 4. Val's tacos

From Echo Park we drove back down to Union Station to park our car for $6 and take the Dodger Express Shuttle the couple of miles into the stadium (where parking is $15). 

I'm always excited walking into the stadium; that initial view of the field and stands never gets old for me. The colors, sounds, grass, everything. I experience a visceral euphoria every single time I'm there. It is SO my happy place. 
We were there early enough that we walked around exploring the stadium, checked out the upgrades & changes since last season, and then watched the game from the Left Field Pavilion. Dodgers tied the Angels 6-6 and since it was an exhibition game there were no extra innings. Boo. That's ok, though, we'll be back again in a few days! 

After the game the shuttle drove us back to Union Station. We didn't have to deal with the traffic into and exiting the stadium. Win-Win! Here's to a great season! Go BLUE!! 

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