Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I should have more mornings like these

This morning I actually peeled my lazy butt out of bed and got out for a quick 3 miles before work. Each night I go to bed with every intention to get up early for a run. And every morning my flesh is weak. Today I promised myself if I got out the door I'd only do an easy jog, no expectations. 

Took the usual route over the train tracks towards the pedestrian overpass. Along my route there are no less than 3 burger dives serving breakfast burritos & egg sandwiches. I die from the delicious aroma of bacon and hash browns. One of these days I'm going to stop running and eat at one of these places. One of these days for sure. 
This stoplight neatly marks the 1.5 mile point from my front door. I promised my lazy bed self that I wouldn't run past this point.

From here though, I can see the pedestrian bridge that marks the 2 mile point and I was tempted to go just that much further. But I actually didn't leave my house early enough to do 4 miles so I had to settle for 3.  

Thanking all the stoplights and train crossings for giving me a few seconds of rest just when I needed it.

3.08 miles at 11:51/mi. I'm doing something new lately (lately=my last 2 runs): I didn't carry any water with me at all. And I survived! It was pretty liberating not to be burdened with the handheld!
When I got home I even had enough time to stretch and watch the news. Foam rolled too!
Every morning we leave the house a little too late, We're always rushing out the door to get to school on time. It's total chaos & confusion and frankly a terrible way for us to start our day.
Yes, I sometimes often feed my kid junk for breakfast. MOTY.
Today we were still late, but instead of stressing out I was I was actually in a good mood BECAUSE I RAN. "If we're late then we're just late." I wouldn't have said that without those running endorphins flowing through my brain. We got off to school and work a little late but a lot happy. 
I wish I could make up my mind to have more mornings like these. 


  1. (Sorry if this is a double post - my laptop ate my first one)
    We rush out the door to get to school every morning, and it's terrible. I love the idea of exercising or running early - SO smart. :)

    1. If only I could make it a habit, it would solve so many problems! :)

  2. It's hard to get out there early, but it's always worth it! Nice job!