Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, April 3, 2015

Favorite things Friday and Then Something Else!

Just a quick post about things I'm loving this week. Here we go:

1. Favorite shoes: these slippers from Cobian that I picked up from the Hot Chocolate San Diego expo. I keep insisting that I can wear them all around town because they look like Toms or something. 

Everyone else seems to disagree. What do you think? I'ma keep asking until I find someone who gives me the right (my) answer.

2. Favorite drink: I am addicted to this A&W diet root beer this week. I try to avoid buying plastic bottles because it's so wasteful and plastic is not recylable, but I can't help myself this week. Hopefully I'll find a soda fountain soon that dispenses diet root beer into my reusable travel mug. It's really hitting the spot. 

3. Favorite TV show: The Walking Dead of course. It's over for the season and I'm already having withdrawals. BUT i'm totally excited for the spinoff coming this summer, and it's being filmed right here in LA! Woo hoo! 

Coming in a close second may be Operacion Repo! ha ha, I was flipping the channels yesterday and caught part of an episode. I actually never watch this show, but it intrigues me that it is on, and seems to be very popular with my peeps.

4. Favorite night time aid: It's been really hot in LA this week and I'm sleeping with the fan on. This Bionaire table top fan. It is actually pretty useless as far as the amount of air it puts out, but I've noticed that I'm sleeping better this week and I think it's due to the white noise coming from the fan! Thinking about looking into one of those Sharper Image sleep machines. Does that store even exist anymore?

5. Favorite Real Topic for this post: And finally the real topic of this post, since I didn't want this to be the first thing showing right at the top of this post. I'm a lil' brave but not really brave.

I am starting my weight accountability today. This means tracking my calories and weighing in every Friday morning. Last night I put a new battery into my scale and braced myself for the results I'd have this morning. 4-3-2015 my weight is

165.8. This isn't the heaviest I've ever been. I'm 5'6". (I knew it wasn't that bad). But I still have a lot of work to do. I was/am a Weight Watchers lifetime member and even though I won't be doing WW this time, I do have the tools to get myself going.

I'll be posting weekly scale results here to document that publicly (sort of like at weight watchers) and updating the blog on my successes/failures.

Have a great weekend!

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