Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A series of unfortunate events

Today I had to squeeze my run in after work because we had an activity at church later this evening. Days like these are tough for us. The Puff is now 8. So she's at that age where she is too old to want to go to the Kids Club at the gym but still too young to sit in the car by herself without me getting arrested for child negligence. But I needed to get in a few miles. So off to the Kids Club she went, grumbling all the way. Unfortunate event #1

Unfortunate event #2 in the locker room. After I changed, I could not find a hair band in this cavernous gym bag of mine. All these pockets and secret compartments and no where did I stash a single hair band.
 I did find the smallest hair clip ever and tried to braid my hair and pin it up. That didn't work out very well as most of my hair fell out of the clip after just a few steps.

#3 Finally went to put on my socks and shoes and of course I had 2 left-foot socks. WTH. So I wore one sock on the left foot and put on the right shoe without a sock. That felt weird. 
 But not as weird as the chub rub happening down below, where come to find out I had a hole in my Ink n Burn pants up high near the crotch area. And my thigh chub was chafing from being exposed. One little tiny inch hole was causing how much pain? Sheeesh!! #4

#5 I forgot my water bottle in the car and I was not about to go all the way back outside for it so I crossed my fingers that I would snag the treadmill closest to the water fountains. Of course that didn't happen.

And since I left my phone with the Puff so she could watch Netflix while in the Kids Club, I didn't have my podcasts to distract me while I ran (#6?). I did 3 miles at 5.1mph which is 11:45/mi. That felt GREAT! It's so much easier to keep up a decent (for me) pace when I'm on the treadmill. 
I felt much better after that, and go figure but the Puff actually. had. fun. in the Kids Club when I went to spring her. Funny how everything works out in the end!

Finally got home after the church activity. This day could have gone much better. Lessons will definitely be applied for next week. 

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