Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Virtual 5K shake out run and The Parable of the Cat and Dog

Friday was the last day to complete Kristina's Virtual 5K race to raise money for Team PAWS. So of course, Friday was the day that my lazy procrastinating butt went out to run!

This run was actually kinda fun. I haven't had one of those in a while, so I was due. It also served as my first shake out run after the marathon.

I've been less and less sore in the days since the marathon. I've had a massage--not sure that helped a ton, but maybe I'd be more sore if I hadn't.

I honestly was afraid to actually go for a run. My right foot was sore in a way I'd never felt before. I was really enjoying my recovery days and hoping I could stretch them out as long as possible.

In my defense, I actually have a good excuse to have put off running this long. I'm supposed to be resting for 7-10 days post marathon. The below is directly from the fingertips of Coach Kastor:

My run yesterday was around the neighborhood where I work in Long Beach. I took a new route today and I was rewarded by the most curious thing: 

See the below run-of-the-mill strip mall with the Trader Joe's and dry cleaners? That wasn't the curious part. I shop there all the time. Neither was the sidewalk next to the run-of-the-mill strip mall. I never walk there because I'm always in my car. 

Except today I was not in my car but running right over the sidewalk and saw this stamped into the concrete:
Once there was a cat
"Once there was a cat who prowled the night. How beautiful are the moon and stars thought the cat."

There was a whole entire story parable stamped into the concrete all the way up the sidewalk about a cat who loved his night. Then there's a dog or something that runs in the day time. And the cat thinks the night rules and the dog thinks the day time is the best. And the cat thinks the dog is trying to steal his night and the dog thinks the cat is trying to take over the day. And they are suspicious of each other. Naturally. 

But then comes a snake. And surprisingly the snake gives them both some good advice and the cat decides the dog is alright and vice versa and I don't remember now how the story ends. It was like a whole half mile of sidewalk that I was reading! 

It seemed like a meaningful parable that would be good for me to know and pass along to the Puff or something. Too bad I've forgotten most of it. I'll have to go back & see if I can get some more pictures. It was a lot of sidewalk. 

When I got back to the office telling of my find, nobody knew what the heck I was talking about. Nobody walks anywhere around here!!! Such a shame. It was a cool surprise anyway!

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  1. Wahoo! Congrats on a great 5K so soon after your marathon! I remember running again a week after the Portland Marathon but it was extra slow! That's awesome that you recovered so quickly! Hope you had a great race this morning!