Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Three Things Thursday

1. Library Day! 

I volunteer at the Puff's school library on Thursdays (the kids call me "Mrs. Coco's Mom"). Today was also Spring Picture Day and the Puff woke up an hour early so that I could curl all of her hair.
My poor kid got stuck with a mother who is pretty clumsy about girlie stuff like that. But I think it turned out better than expected and she had that extra pep in her step once we were all done. 

2. Farmers Market Day! 

Thursdays is farmers market day! This week my salads will contain romaine, spinach, beets, carrots and probably strawberries if I don't eat them all on the drive home (I don't even wash them first!). I asked about cucumbers but the vendor said they wouldn't be ready til May. I LOVED that answer! That's how I know this stuff is grown locally and I'm only buying what's in season. 

I had no willpower at the bread stand. I like to support local artisans so I also purchased some scones. These scones were like the ones you find in Utah (I went to college at BYU) and not like the scones the rest of the world eats. They're soft, more like a sweet bun, and not crumbly like a regular scone. Still yummy. 

3. Virtual Races! 

I signed up for Kristina's 10K virtual race but am having to drop down to the 5K after running the marathon this weekend (and cuz I'm a procrastinator and didn't run it BEFORE the marathon). I'll be running this one tomorrow morning as my 1st post-marathon shake out run. 

ALSO, have you seen this news? I'm so sad! One of the profiled runners, Leah Caille from the first Spirit of the Marathon movie, passed away this past January. There is a virtual race and fundraising page happening this Sunday to help support her young daughter. I have signed up for this virtual race as well, which I will run on Sunday, concurrent with my Hot Chocolate Run. I will definitely be wearing purple in honor of Leah. If you were inspired by Spirit of the Marathon (and who wasn't?) this is a meaningful way to give a little back.  Rest in peace, Leah. 
Leah is the blonde in black shirt and blue jeans 

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