Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Last Supper and Blessing of the Shoes

Today's run was the final taper run with the LA Road Runners. My leg is still bothering me, I wish I knew for sure what muscle I've strained so I could name it to everybody who's asking me what's wrong with me. The advice from the Club was to walk these last 8 miles with a walk group instead of my usual run group so that I wouldn't put additional stress on my injury. I love this Club and all their sound advice. I don't know why I ever trained for a marathon by myself. 

I'm totally going to miss my weekly visits to Venice and all its funkiness. Our walk group had some fun mid way through our miles with this speed radar. 

America Ninja Warrior is about to start filming again. The obstacle course was being set up this morning. Next season's batch of hopeful contestants were camped out in line for auditions.

I took my nephews to last season's taping here at Venice Beach.... ugh, filming a TV show is reaaaallly boring. Still, good luck to all these guys. I know what it's like to train for something for months.

At the end of our run, back at the school we had some final words of advice from these AWESOME AWESOME people. Andrew, Deena and Baby Kastor. Deena told some stories from a few of her own marathon runs. It really got us all excited about what's coming next Sunday. I will truly miss the weekly words of wisdom from Coach Kastor. 

The major take away for me today was this: I AM READY. I have put in the miles, I've done the work. There is nothing left to do but run the marathon next Sunday. I.Am.Ready.

After our pep rally, we all headed over to celebrate our Last Supper together as a running group. El Cholo Cafe totally fit the bill. Our hangry, sweaty, unruly group of 100+ runners descended on the place all at once and they still gave us great food and equally great service. 

I will miss so many things about run group, but most of all I'll miss the other runners. There is an endless cast of characters that make up our LARR run group. One super special soul is Jason. Jason was a constant source of encouragement and inspiration since day 1. Being the suspicious, jaded b*tch person that I am, the first times I saw Jason (he was running back and forth between groups, high-fiving everyone) I thought to myself "Why the hell is this fool always smiling? Get a life, Dude!" Fast forward all these weeks later and it was me who would be looking out for Jason and his high-fives every Saturday. I now know how privileged I am to know him. (HE asked me if we could get a picture together today--I was BEYOND touched and ashamed at my initial judgement). 

The Last Supper with Run Group 10. LOVE these peeps! My BFF Gloria is in the green shirt. 

I ordered Fish Tacos in honor of it being Lent but since I'm not Catholic I didn't realize that fish is a Friday thing during Lent. Oh well...it's the thought that counts, right? 

 Fish Tacos-DEELISH!!

My favorite running buddy Gloria invited me to something I'd never heard of before: THE BLESSING OF THE SHOES. This is a thing? How did this escape me? I googled it and sure enough, St. Monica's and Our Lady of the Angels does it too. Pretty dang cool. Well, I thought, what could it hurt?  

After our Last Supper, I went home to rest and refresh before driving back out to St. Monica's. I attended a special mass with my BFF Gloria and at the end the priest had all the runners in the audience stand up. He announced to the entire parish that we were running the marathon next weekend (everybody applauded). He gave a special blessing to us and to our feet and our shoes and I was so touched, I nearly cried. Now, again, I'm not a Catholic but I sure felt the love during that blessing. 

Oh and there was a potluck after the mass. Not too shabby! 

Our Lady of the Angels will have their Blessing of the Shoes next Saturday. What could it hurt? :) 

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  1. Ah, I didn't realize you had a blog! I'm so glad you dropped a link today :)

    That's really neat that the church hosts a blessing of the shoes. Definitely cannot hurt! I hope you have a great time at the marathon. I'm looking forward to reading all about it!