Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The expo and marathon countdown

Right after work yesterday I made my way to downtown LA to hit up the expo and pick up my bib. We have been given specific instructions by the Road Runners to do the expo on Friday instead of Saturday and to spend the day Saturday OFF OUR FEET.

I got pretty excited as soon as I walked into the expo. Picked up my bib, and found my name on the wall. Pretty neat stuff!

The rest of the expo was blaaaaah. I told myself I would only spend money to buy things I needed. I need some more Injinji socks and Nuun tablets. I didn't actually find either of those ANYWHERE, but I did accidentally stumble across the Jaybird booth and picked up some wireless earbuds for BD. The Jaybird booth was super duper unspectacular (nothing to catch the eye) but at least I scored a KICKBUTT deal on the earbuds. And the salespeople were lovely.

I was supposed to stay off my feet on Saturday and I tried to do that as much as possible. But first thing this morning I had to see my littlest nephew's first ever T-Ball game. I always say that having a Girl is better than having a Boy, but today may be the first time I've thought having a boy wouldn't be so bad. Maybe. The entire game was a hot mess of adorableness. 

After the game (they play 3 innings, everybody bats every inning and outs don't "count"), I went to see the super hero of chiropractors, Dr. Holland. Nothing was particularly bothering me that much except for the continuing muscle soreness in my quad, but seeing Dr. Holland for a few adjustments always makes me feel better. 

After Dr. Holland's, it was time to get my things together and make my way over to my hotel in downtown LA. Even though I'm a local(ish), I opted to stay in an official race hotel downtown and have the hotel shuttle me over 1.5 miles to the start line. The hotel will also shuttle us back from the finish line (20+ miles) at the end of the race. BD was in a good mood this weekend and did me the awesome favor of staying with the Puff while I was at the marathon. 

The last time I ran LA, I remember how difficult it was to wake up and leave my warm bed and pillow behind. My hope is that tomorrow morning, knowing I'm not in my own bed, I'll be able to get up and get going without a lot of negotiating with myself in my head. (Am I the only one that goes through this?) Since it's a point to point race, most people will be dropped off at the finish in Santa Monica and shuttle in to the Dodger stadium start line and this means getting up at the AssCRACK of dawn to get across the city with 20,000 other people. No thanks, I consider it well worth the expense. 

Early dinner and then bed

The Westin Bonaventure was one of the cheaper hotels on the list from the Marathon's webiste. I was a little worried about it because although it is a really famous LA landmark (it was in a bunch of movies in the 80's), it has that "past it's prime" reputation. But so far the room is great, the view is nice and BD & the Puff are looving the hotel's pool and outside elevators. We'll see how it goes in the morning. 

Good night & good luck to everyone running LA tomorrow!!! See you there! 


  1. Good luck tomorrow and have fun! :)

  2. I hope that you're having fun out there! I'm watching the live stream and cheering you on :)