Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, March 13, 2015

Taper madness

Taper week is driving me mad. The self-doubting is out of control. Am I doubting myself because I'm tapering or am I doubting myself because I'm really not as prepared as I should be? 

Every Thursday the LARR sends an email updating us on the upcoming weekend's long run and other info we need. Today's email was just what I needed to get my nervousness under control. Here are some of the amazing words of encouragement from the LARR staff:  

Months ago, you all signed off on this amazing journey...

For the last 6 months, you've trained and sacrificed...

On Sunday morning, it will most likely be the hottest day you've run this season...

And it WILL affect your performance.

It "might" be possible that someone is affected positively in the heat and actually runs faster, but the majority (99.9997%) of us can not expect our PR's, or Goal Marathon times to exist in "extreme" conditions.

For some of us, especially the First Timers...  Finish, is a GREAT goal.

That being said, we here at LA Road Runners are suggesting to your Pace Leaders to adjust accordingly for heat. Please do not be disappointed with a slower than originally planned Finish Time. Crossing the line with a smile on your face, happy and healthy and with your teammates will be far more amazing, than doing so alone a couple minutes faster, or not at all.

Talk to your team... Understand the strategy... Be okay with the plan.

Performances this year on Race Day are not the performances that we here at the offices care about. You've already shown how amazing you are.

See you Sunday! 

I'm so lucky to have found this group.

Today the Puff had an orthodontist appointment and got some metal added to her mouth. I don't think you realize how awful your kid's teeth really are until strangers are all up in her mouth pointing it out to you. Goodness, today she's all of a sudden 8 years old going on 10. 

Afterward she requested dinner at the Olive Garden. I don't tell my friends I eat there, and actually LIKE it, or I'll lose my Foodie cred. Carbo-loading at it's finest: 

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