Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Funday Norunday

After church yesterday the Puff and I stopped at our neighborhood panaderia (Mexican bakery) to pick up a few goodies for Sunday linner (lunch/dinner). 

Mexican panaderias are self-service. At any panaderia there's a stack of trays and a pile of tongs in the center of the store when you walk in. You take one of each and then go over to the shelves to load up your tray with the yummy pan dulce. (Pan dulce translates to sweet bread...not to be confused with sweatbreads!! Totally different!)

Our favorite pan dulce are the conchas (translates to sea shell--they actually look like little shells) and empanadas. Actually my favorites are pretty much everything on every tray in the entire bakery but I know better than to buy too much at once. I can eat me some pan dulce. 

CocoPuff and MommyPuff 

After Sunday linner, the Puff and I had tickets to see WICKED at the Pantages in Hollywood.

I saw WICKED a few years ago in San Francisco with my BFF Tess. The Puff was not on that trip, she was only 4 or so at the time. I knew I couldn't take her to see it until she was old enough to understand the chronology, the message, etc. 

Finally, over this past year she got hooked on watching the Wizard of Oz. She even learned all the songs and lines (we can both now recite the Wizard of Oz verbatim, haha). She was old enough to appreciate WiCKED. 


We drove into Hollywood, valet'd the car and walked over to the Pantages theatre on Hollywood Blvd along the walk of fame. We saw Mark Wahlberg's star which I thought was funny because the stars in this area had names like Perry Como and people of that era (1940's Hollywood, I think?). 

All the "good" stars are like 2 miles over on the other side of the boulevard in front of the Chinese Theatre where the tourists flock. I wonder how Marky Mark got himself banished to this side of the boulevard? 

We got our souvenir program and went in to find our seats! 

Saw this guy on our way to our seats and hoped and prayed that we wouldn't be sitting right behind him or anywhere near him. You can take the boy out of _________  but you can't take _________ out of the boy. Luckily we never saw him after this. 

In the theatre shortly after the lights dimmed, the lady right next to me apparently thought she would try to film the show on her smart phone.  The theatre usher was on her IN A FLASH! I hadn't even noticed what she was doing until the usher was practically on top of me stage-whispering to her "DELETE THAT NOW!!"  Phew! For once, it wasn't me getting into trouble!

The Pantages theatre itself is gorgeous!

After the show we went out for ice cream to de-brief. I wanted to see if the Puff really did get the central message of the show: to be true to yourself no matter the cost. 

I think the discussion was much too abstract for an 8-year old at 10 pm on a Sunday night. For now she is still enamored with the beautiful Glinda the Good, and I didn't want to make her say something different just to appease me. We may revisit this conversation at a later (years later) time. Tonight, we ate our onion rings and ice cream and called it a fabulous night. 

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