Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Monday, March 30, 2015

See you next year Road Runners!

Just a few pictures from our awesome party! Saturday night was the LA Road Runners Marathon Celebration Banquet at the Del Rey Yacht Club. While this was my first year with the Road Runners, this wasn't my first marathon nor was it the first marathon for many of the LA Road Runner attendees.

It feels like in blog-land the entire world is running incredible distances, and ticking off marathons every other weekend. But in the real world, most people don't do that. So it's really nice to acknowledge (and celebrate) that we just ran a MARATHON. And running a marathon really is a tremendous accomplishment!

Plus after seeing most of our running peers at our very worst, it was great to see everyone all dressed up and smelling nice for a change!
Me & G (loria). I love this woman. Who would have guessed that from those first few weeks as we struggled to find a pace group, we would end up becoming inseparable running BFFs. Everybody else in our pace group swapped places each week and would run with whomever they ended up with in formation. But everybody knew that neither the place next to me nor Gloria was "available". We were always partners. 

L-R is Gloria, John's husband (forgot his name!), Pace Leader John & me. John and I cried tears of joy when we finished our 20 miler together. He and I had pulled away from the group (Gloria had dropped back and I was on my own when John pulled up next to me) somewhere around mile 16. He and I got a second wind and we picked up our pace and raced into Venice. We hugged and ran into the ocean together for an cold water bath. It was a beautiful day/run. Who knew running could be so dang emotional?

Ryan is the Road Runners coordinator. I always looked forward to seeing him weekly and witnessing how he wrangled 1000+ runners successfully (talk about herding cats!). He was that glue that holds groups together.

LA Marathon CEO Tracy Russell spoke & I am totally looking forward to running the marathon again next year. LA is hosting the Olympic trials so the marathon is being moved up a month to coincide with the trials. It'll be on Valentine's day! We were totally speculating about an I Love LA themed medal or something like that. After the speakers/dinner/ awards, we boogied to some awesome tunes & then said our final "See you next year" goodbyes.

See you next year Road Runners!

OMG, I'm working on this post while watching Talking Dead after the season finale of TWD. Wow, what a phenomenal episode! 1. I really thought Glenn was gone. 2. I can not wait to see how Morgan's role will play out in Alexandria. 3. Who are these Wolves and will Alexandria be ready?

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