Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Road Trip & Hot Chocolate 15k/5k San Diego Expo

Black Fish is all I can think of anymore when I see Sea World. So so sad.
Not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to sign up to do a 15K run a week after the LA marathon. Actually I do know why I did it: I haven’t run with my Arizona Cousin since last September and we only seem to make time to see each other when we’re going to run together. If I remember correctly, we signed up for Hot Chocolate 15k/5k San Diego before I knew I was running LA. 

So yesterday morning Arizona Cousin hopped on to the I-8 headed south, while later in the afternoon, BD the Puff and I hopped onto the I-5 south and by the early evening we had our mini-reunion in San Diego. I've decided I'm dropping from the 15K down to the 5k however, because some parts of me are still weirdly sore. I know I can do 3.1 m but I'm not sure I should push for 9 on Sunday. 
Puff and I with the Hot Chocolate mug.

Scored some sweet slippers at the expo! 
The expo itself was small but high energy, good music playing and fun vendors. There was a guy handing us chocolate pieces as we walked in. The Puff exited the expo and re-entered a few times so she could score some chocolate each time she walked in. She gets that kinda thinking from her mom, fo' sho'.  

One really cool thing they were doing for Bib Pick Up that I haven’t see before: they print the pertinent Bib info onto a thermal sticker, then stick that onto a blank numbered bib right as you stand there. They scan the sticker and your newly assigned bib number into their system so that it all matches up. 

This means you don’t have to search for your name and pre-assigned bib number on an endless list taped to a wall outside and then get into the correct bib line according to your number or last name. Any bib pick up station can get you your bib. WOW. Rock n Roll needs to catch up—there was an ENDLESS bib pick up area when we ran RnR Vegas last November (and I got into the wrong line and had to queue up TWICE). 

After the expo we "checked in" to my sister's San Diego Airbnb place for FREE-99! Family really is the best. All we have to do is clean the place up ourselves when we "check out". That's a great deal.  

After dropping our bags we ventured out for our pre-race carbo load dinner at RK Sushi and then we called it a night. Being with family really is the best.

 Good luck to everyone running Hot Chocolate San Diego today! See you at the finish with all our yummy chocolate treats! CAN NOT WAIT!!

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