Tales From the Back of the Pack

Tales From the Back of the Pack

Friday, March 27, 2015

Finally, finally Friday

The Puff has been on Spring Break this week. Excellent mother that I am I totally spaced out and didn't plan anything special to do. I've been scrambling all week to create "experiences" for her to break the monotony of watching bad TV all day. It's FINALLY FINALLY Friday and we can get back to our normal regular scheduling on Monday. 

Came home to the Puff wearing her PJ's all day. She doesn't seem too upset about it, but still makes a mom feel like an epic failure.

It's been unseasonably hot today in SoCal. Is it still considered "unseasonably" hot when it seems to be getting and staying hot earlier every year? (Global warming who?) Today I cut my run short to 2 miles. 2 miles keeps me within the guidelines of Coach Kastor's post marathon recovery plan. I just couldn't get myself to go any further. 2 miles, 12:40/mi. I feel like if I'd run more, I would have slowed to a 13+/mi. 

Last night the niece/nephew's cashed in the rain check and we took them out for an ice cream treat to a place called Afters Ice Cream in Fountain Valley. It's one of those places that seems to be blowing up on social media and word of mouth. Their specialty is ice cream sandwiches with unique ice cream flavors and instead of cookies they sandwich your ice cream in a "milky bun" that's like a glazed donut sliced in half.  Then they heat seal the donut around your ice cream, so it's all warm/cold when you bite into it.
It was a delicious treat and I always love spending time with the nephews but I am seriously trying to get my weight under control and these kinds of outings don't help. I'll be posting my weight and food intake on the blog soon to have a way to be accountable and track my progress. 

Enjoy this video of the littlest nephews latest T-ball game. TOTES ADORBS!!


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